I am not usually interested in American politics but something alarming has attracted my attention. I have realized that there has never been this amount of unity among American media houses since 9/11. This time the media are uniting under the banner DESTROY TRUMP. The way I see it this gives credence to the hypothesis that Trump is truly not part of the establishment (some call it the Illumnati but it’s the same thing; the former is the term used by the more rational minority and the latter is the term used by the majority who also happen to relish conspiracy theories). Someone is pulling the strings behind the media. Why is it that they only denigrated him and cast him off as an unpopular person during the election campaign but the truth (which I thought was what made American journalism the best in the democratic world) was only revealed to us through his victory.

The media lamented that they were caught up in a lie and whoever was pulling the strings decided not to give up and torment his administration with ‘the stupid dictator’ propaganda. The man is being savaged left, right and center. What also piqued my interest was the fact that the seemingly ‘incredulous’ declaration he made just before the elections that if he lost he would know for sure that the election was stolen away from him The man already had insight of the outcome because HE KNEW THE TRUTH and those who pulled the strings behind the media did not want the truth to be revealed So what Hillary won the popular vote?? So now they want to question the basis of their constitutional definition of VICTORY after being ardent proponents of the same definition for the past 200 years? There is something special about this man – he’s truly a WINNER as he always says


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