It was with absolute shock and disdain that I learnt that wild animals are being exported to China from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park if the report in The Times is to be believed. A combination of the dependability of the esteemed newspaper and the plausibility of the portrayal of the Zimbabwean ruling elite as a cabal of selfish and myopic individuals persuades me to unreservedly believe the story in the greater chunk of its entirety. It is reported that 35 elephant calves, 8 lions, 12 hyenas and 1 giraffe were ferried from the named Zimbabwe game reserve to Chimelong Safari Park in China’s Guangzhou province. The author of the article rightly inferred that this monumental exodus was inspired by the murky rationale of involvement in ivory farming by the first family to pay for military uniforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Grace Mugabe’s name has been specifically identified as the chief architect of this deal. This alone raises a lot of questions but I will not bother to expand the intricacies of the demerits of the deal. It is on record that Grace Mugabe is corrupt and downright dumb. Paying a debt to the DRC through the sale of a nation’s heritage for personal aggrandizement is the hallmark of the first family’s grandiosity and nearsightedness. Which debt are they paying for? Why not sell their own cattle and oranges to pay for their obviously personal debt?

The fact that a nation’s wildlife belongs to the people and not to the state is non-existent in their consciousness. If these animals belong in China then why does the country not have their own elephants, lions, hyenas and giraffes.  Both Darwin and God agree that animals are where they are because that is where they are supposed to be. Who then is Grace Mugabe to change these fundamental laws of nature?

The argument of leaving nature alone supersedes any justification for transportation of wild animals from any part of the world’s remaining ideal wildlife to a human-made conclave. The only time that has been sanctioned was millennia ago when Noah offered refuge to all the animals on earth in his ark. Since then nature has not sanctioned such a radical move so why are people defying the laws of nature? Those wild animals belong in the Zimbabwe wild. Who has the authority to act contrary to these basic biological laws? Only the selfish and the stupid. Enough said; the writing is on the wall.




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