BOOK REVIEW: The Eyes of the Sphinx by Erich von Daniken

Erich von Daniken is perhaps one of the most controversial writers to have graced our bookshelves in the past century. His works seek to open one’s mind to the possibilities and probabilities that do not seem to have a convincing or conclusive refutation. He specialised in the alien theory; the proposal that we have in fact encountered alien beings who influenced the great marvels sprinkled throughout humanity’s history. He attempts to gather as much evidence as he can to support this theory and this book, The Eyes of the Sphinx, does just that.

In the book, Erich argues that what we have been commonly told about the ancient Egyptians is actually not true. As he propels his argument he takes a dig at the so-called Egyptologists who have established themselves as the unquestioned authority on Egyptian history and archaeology. He ends the book on the same angry note. He has always been very persuasive although he tends to have an irritating penchant for embellishment; a weakness he shares with Dan Brown.

The book is well-written and it absolves my disappointment with his other work, In Search of Ancient Gods, which I found to be poorly written and unconvincing.  In The Eyes of the Sphinx Erich makes reference to works I have actually read myself. He makes reference to the Book of Enoch which also happens to be one of my favourite theological texts. I firmly believe in this book (Book of Enoch) as it is completely consistent with the Holy Bible.

What I also found particularly interesting was the Egyptologists’ response to the book; unreserved revulsion. This is quite telling. Why would they be upset if they actually had evidence of their own to rebut the claims made in the book? I was left with the feeling that the author was justified in his jibe, “The attitude of these Egyptologists is reminiscent of the famous trio of monkeys: They hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.”

I highly recommend this book, especially for the anarchists among us.


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