Ever since the dawn of this millennium there has been an exponential rise in what has been aptly termed ‘fake news’. In my view the term is just a sanitized version of the word ‘propaganda’ which we all know has been in existence since the onset of civilisation. This in turn is just a colloquial term for ‘lies’ on which basis the perpetuation of humanity has been based ever since creation itself. In other words, ‘fake news’ is nothing but ‘propagated lies’.

It thus becomes easier to comprehend the origins and motivation of this fast-growing phenomenon. I beg the reader to ponder on this simple question; ‘why now?’. A retraction to the fundamentals is essential to properly answer this question. The sole purpose of a lie is to deceive or in other words to hide the truth. For example, the fake news menace plaguing the Trump presidency is obviously aimed at hiding his real achievements from the public so as to justify his removal from power; a process which has been going on even before he was sworn in. The mainstream media have continuously portrayed President Trump as an incorrigible despot with no appreciation of the rule of law yet none of them have taken a second to air the massive accomplishments he has brought forth ever his ascendancy. The US unemployment rate has significantly decreased, the stock market continues to improve and tangible tax cuts are for the first time in decades actually feasible and sustainable under his administration. The real reason why they hate him with such passion is that he stands for the ideals on which the USA was founded; the same ideals those who had taken over the affairs of the country had vigorously denigrated in favour of working for a seat on the high table of the New World Order which Trump seeks to stop.

As for minor players in the ‘fake news’ craze, their motivation is very obvious from a psychological perspective. All they want is attention. Ever since we entered the Information Age having the most ‘views’ or ‘followers’ has carried a new kind of prestige which in most parts is equal to the prestige bestowed upon those with the most money or wealth. Attention has been given as much value as wealth and consequently the sense of accomplishment that used to be the preserve of money has also been transferred to fame. Not so long ago a child’s dream was to acquire ‘fame and fortune’ but now the two have been conclusively separated; fame has become more valuable than fortune. What this then means is that ‘fake news’ is a direct consequence of the rise of PRIDE in our society.

Who is the source of pride and lies one might ask. It is obviously none other than the Father of Lies himself, Lucifer. Pride and lies are what define Satan. The fact that these two are on a sharp rise is a clear indication that he is becoming stronger and more assertive. This should ring alarm bells! The ‘fake news’ phenomenon in itself is a clear sign that he is about to reveal himself in the open and that revelation will only come with destruction because that is how he operates. He steals, kills and destroys. That is his trinity. Is that the kind of society we want? A society governed by deception and destruction?

I find reprieve in the simple fact that ‘real news’ is still available to us out there; that there is a source of information which is 100% true with not a single lie within its pages. It sounds ludicrous but the truth is that all the information we need to survive this onslaught of lies is contained in a single volume of text; the Holy Bible. It is the ultimate reference text. That is the sole reason why it exists; to act as a reference point for any form of information thrown at us. If something does not tally with the Holy Bible then it is a lie. Is that not a simple formula? Why allow all the vanities of life bog us down when there is a simple equation we can follow to carry us through?



Now that Zimbabwe has been delivered it is now time for me to relax and take a break from writing and commenting on Zimbabwe politics. I must confess that it was a thoroughly draining exercise; one fraught with desperation, disappointment and disbelief. Nonetheless I have absolutely no regrets. The victory was savoury and intoxicating. I feel vindicated and relieved. The new president seems to be on top of the ball and it is my belief that he will deliver on his promises. After all like I said before his job is a very easy one. It is clear what needs to be done and so far he is on the right track.

In the midst of all this euphoria I found it refreshing that the world did not stop moving; that the signs of the second coming of the Prince of Peace have continued to unravel at an accelerated pace. The Bible no longer reads like a work of fiction anymore. Its exhortations are now closer to reality than one might be comfortable with. In other words things are getting really really scary. Lucifer and his demons are no longer hiding anymore. They are now operating in broad daylight in front of the whole world to see. I find it repugnant that our television screens have become awash with shows that openly honour the devil. It is now ‘Lucifer this’, ‘Lucifer that’, ‘Devil this’ and ‘Devil that’ all day everyday.

Even music has become tainted with open devil worship. If you take a second to listen carefully to the lyrics you would be amazed to hear how brazen our musicians are now pledging their allegiance to the devil. The music videos are even worse. The all-seeing eye, the devil’s horns and the 666 hand signs are now a permanent feature. The all-seeing eye is when the artist covers one eye with one hand or piece of clothing to show that they worship the one who ‘sees everything that goes on in this world’ or in other words ‘the ruler of this world’ as he was called by Jesus Christ in the gospels. The devil’s horn is when the artist flashes a hand with the thumb, middle finger and ring finger bent while the index and little fingers stand straight to make an image of two horns. The 666 sign is when the index finger and thumb are cupped to make a circle while the other three fingers are left sticking out albeit in a curved posture. I challenge the reader to make a careful study of prominent satanic artists’ music videos and chameo shots to look for these three signs. A good place to start would be to look at music videos by Beyonce, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and their surrogates.

The rise of the violent religion and its terror should spurn the meek believer to action. It is imperative for us to recall that this religion does not worship the true God who revealed Himself as Triune rather than as ‘a god of fortresses’ mentioned in Daniel 11:38 whom these lost souls actually worship. If one were to study the text on whose basis the said religion is founded on it will become clearer that all the acts of terror being perpetrated by these “terrorists” are actually sanctioned in their book. Their book teaches that all “non-believers” should be forced to convert or face death. The book does not promote love but hate and fear. As a result it propagates lawlessness in fulfilment of prophecy about the End times in Matthew 24:12 where Jesus Christ said, “And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

The overwhelming evidence of the existence of ‘aliens’ on our planet should also make one ponder about where we are headed as a race. Are they malevolent or benevolent? How can we answer the question when they continue to live in hiding? It is my fervent belief that these creatures are planning something sinister and we should prepare for that eventuality. It goes without saying that the greatest threat to our preparedness is the path of secrecy that our world superpowers have chosen to take. It gives one the impression that they are all working in cahoots to achieve some nefarious goal that they know fully well the masses will not approve of. It might not even be far-fetched to assume that these non-human biological entities have a huge influence on the trajectory of world events including the surge in environmental disasters which we have been experiencing of late.

Now that it has become clear that the world as we know it is coming to an end what then are we to do? We should not be paralysed by despondency. We have a lot of work to do while we still have time to do it. Our job is to hasten the coming of the end by fulfilling our end of the prophecy; to preach the coming of a new world. We have now reached a point in history where Matthew 24:14 is being fulfilled; “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” I am doing my part and you should too. The end is nigh.







I have read with mirth the confusion and anger that continues to permeate from the analysis given by those who in some unfortunate way had allowed the euphoria of getting it right on Zimbabwe politics in the past to entitle themselves as the “soothsayers of Zimbabwe politics”. I found the term “magician-politician” hilarious. Most are outright mad they never saw this coming. Mugabe is no more. His reign is over. His wife is no more. GRACE MUGABE has been banished to the dustbins of history where she rightfully belongs. The prostituting intellectual Jonathan Moyo is finally gone.  I have a very simple explanation of what really transpired. It was what the Law calls an ACT OF GOD.

I have always maintained that Zimbabwe is by creation a spiritual nation. No great change in Zimbabwe’s history has ever occurred without a heavy dose of spiritual awakening. The last two revolutionary wars are a case in point. The First Chimurenga was not led by the tactical prowess of a mechanical politician but by a High Priestess, Nehanda Nyakasikana. The Second Chimurenga was not led by the teachings of an educated demagogue but by a group of Svikiro’s (High Priests) who guided the so-called ‘nationalists’. Likewise the replacement of the dictator Robert Mugabe with his protege Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa was led by a group of Intercessors who secretly organised themselves into an umbrella body of activists who each did their part in true ‘guerrilla war-face tactics’ to topple the tyrant. The astute observer should have surely seen this obvious trend. In retrospect is it not now obvious that the Zimbabwe Army could not have had the resounding civilian backing they enjoyed had it not been for the army of activists who rallied their supporters to put a democratic seal on Operation Restore Legacy?

It would be prudent for the incumbent president and his party to always take cognizance of this bitter truth as they move forward. They would not be where they are had it not been for the support and unity of these unsung heroes and heroines. What this transition has done more than anything else is change the power dynamics in Zimbabwe politics. The concept of “one centre of power” has been definitively decimated. Power is now back in the hands of the people, not even the military. In all fairness the new president’s job is going to be a very easy one. All he has to do is RESTORE Zimbabwe not necessarily develop it. His objectives are crystal clear and the solution is already there in the annals of our history; Zimbabwe’s prosperity is found in its soil. Agriculture and mining are the bedrocks of our economy. It does not take an act of genius to realize that. There is absolutely no other way to escape this simple fact. In fact God Himself is going to validate this fact by giving Zimbabwe the most beautiful weather the country has ever had in a very long time. This shall be done to prove a point; the point that Zimbabwe is truly a blessed land.

The new president and his party should not get too comfortable. Mnangagwa shall reign for just a season. I must re-iterate that their purpose in Zimbabwe’s history is to restore Zimbabwe to where they found it when they got into power in 1980. It would be folly for us to ignore the simple fact that they were the same people who destroyed this country. Robert Mugabe did not act alone. They are equally complicit in this grave act of injustice. There will never be a “new Zimbabwe” as long as it is run by old Zimbabweans. That is treason against the laws of the language itself. The mathematics does not tally. It is absolutely impossible to speak of “a new dawn” without having new leaders and new ideas. Democracy has been restored and the task of removing ZANU-PF from power has to continue with renewed effort and with greater strength.

My message and objective is unwavering and crystal clear. The President of Zimbabwe has to be Jesus Christ and anyone who occupies the office has to know who they serve. This is an absolute necessity if this nation is to prosper. We cannot run away from the Truth. We are living in the End-Times and any nation on whose sight is the eye of the one and true God has to be prepared for attack from the ruler of this world (which is soon coming to an end). False prophets should be exposed, corrupt politicians should be exposed and held accountable, the security forces need to be reconstituted, elections should be held as planned and our minerals need to be exploited. The nation of Zimbabwe needs to urgently prepare for the coming Kingdom. The time is nigh, the signs are clear. There are two great wars (the Third World War which will be a nuclear war and very short. The second war is against alien beings who would be carnivorous) which are on our doorstep which we need to prepare for. There is still a lot of work to be done but those who endure are reminded that there is a reward as described by the beloved John in Revelations 20:4; “And I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgement was committed to them. Then I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their witness to Jesus and for the word of God, who had not worshipped the beast or his image, and had not received his mark on their foreheads or on their hands. And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.”




Trials and tribulations are not a burden but a necessity in life. They make you strong and force you to see the Truth. One unnamed author said, “Sorrow is better than laughter, for by a sad countenance the heart is made better. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.” [Ecclesiastes 7:3-4].

One will be hard-pressed to find any individual in our history who has accomplished great feats of valour worth recording in the annals of history without having gone through a period of resistance or even ridicule. Greatness comes when these barriers of regression are broken through stubborn faith in the end-point of the ordeal rather than focusing on and succumbing to the whims of society’s negativity and paranoia. In actual fact the reality is that the greater the contrary forces blow against the labourer the more abundant the harvest. In other words great victories can only come from great battles.

The reasoning behind this infallible law of nature is relatively simple if one were to take the time to reflect on it. Those who have taken it upon themselves to set the laws of life here on Earth have shaped life in such a way that challenging the established laws of existence can only come at a heavy price on one’s happiness. We are all forced to obey the rules or perish. Reward for bravery only comes with consensus by a group of individuals who have deified themselves as the owners of time, space and matter; the constituents of the entire universe. They have even gone to the extent of defining sanity for us; the act of doing what you are told without question.

The very act of challenging this status quo is what nurtures wisdom and happiness. There is one man recorded in history who did exactly that and was killed for it. His only crime was showing humanity that their happiness should not come from following the rules of these rulers but rather by observing the laws of the Giver of Life Himself. This was a radical idea that has to this day led many to their deaths. The rulers of Earth have made it their sole intention to intensify trials and tribulations on followers of this Revolutionary till they succumb. That ladies and gentlemen is why the Man Himself warned us in Matthew 18:7 when He said, “Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!”.

In this world proclaiming that one is a Christian (the word means one who is like Christ) is translated as one who does not follow the rules. The rules say do not talk about Jesus Christ or else you will be branded as insane. Our psyche has been indoctrinated with this response to any individual who might come and try teaching us about this Man. That is a lethal mentality that is going to lead many to perdition for eternity. What does one have to lose by following Jesus Christ? All it takes is reading what He said and all trials and tribulations will have meaning and purpose. I am even brave enough to say that following Him makes all trials and tribulations worthwhile. Is that not the definition of happiness?


This is one of the weaknesses of democracy. Pity resides on the opposite side of hero-worship in the wide spectrum of democracy. It is such a tragedy that Zimbabwe has within its elite political ranks two individuals who have hogged the limelight at both extremes viz Grace Mugabe and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Grace Mugabe is now voraciously feeding off hero-worship by a subset of our society that has as its hallmark lethal doses of ignorance while at the other end Emmerson Mnangagwa seeks to feed off pity for what he and his cohorts regard as unwarranted dismissal from a party they truthfully formed and have defended since before the war for independence. Both groups have one fundamental flaw; they belong to a destructive party which has systematically and consistently destroyed all facets of democracy in Zimbabwe.

What I find deeply disconcerting is their disregard of the plight of the generality of Zimbabwe’s populace who yearn for new and effective leadership that will elevate the country from the debilitating throes of economic doldrums and human rights suppression. They both share the sickening trait of entitlement while at the same time shunning any discourse on their political misgivings littered all over their past. Gukurahundi cannot and will never be ignored or forgotten. Illegal and violent land seizures should never be condoned. Both contenders to the throne share the same depth, brevity and streak of violent behaviour which has already brought the entire nation to disrepute and ridicule.

Zimbabweans should not feel pity for Emmerson Mnangagwa. He got what he deserves and he should be definitively vanquished from any sort of power in our peaceful nation. He represents a violent, incompetent and corrupt regime that has put the nation in the pitiful and deplorable state it is in. The fact that his cabal are using the coup de’tat rhetoric only adds to my argument that he is not fit to lead this country in any capacity. Joice Mujuru also falls in this category. All members of the ruling elite who are being purged out of ZANU-PF should be kept out of power for good. If anything they should be persecuted and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and corruption. They are collectively responsible for destroying this once prosperous country and should now face the full wrath of justice they duly deserve.

On the other hand, Grace Mugabe should be banned from public life. She is singularly a threat to national peace, prosperity and security. She possesses not even an iota of leadership quality that is beneficial to Zimbabwe. Hate speech, gossip, corruption, oppression, suppression, violence, emotional abuse and intellectual poverty is too long a list of deficiencies for any individual to possess in a position of authority or influence. She is not even fit to be the headmaster or principal of a creche or primary school. She is a monumental embarrassment to the Republic and should not be allowed to set foot in any Government office except maybe a typist or receptionist post she is only qualified for.

The entire party, ZANU-PF, should be destroyed to the ground. That should be the first step in bringing back sanity and decency to Zimbabwe. They should ALL fall and to use Robert Mugabe’s vocabulary, “they should all go to hell!”.



It starts with identity and unity. No nation in the history of humankind has ever existed without a purpose. It is when a group of people agree on a single purpose that they start to be identified as a nation. A nation is not defined by geographical boundaries but by what a collection of people stand for. When this fundamental question has been answered in unison then can a nation start thinking about being great.

What should follow is a study of how the great nations in history stood for. Common sense will then dictate that the nations of England and the United States of America make for an apt subject for introspection. It is not at all a daunting task to identify what these nations stood for. The English identified themselves as the evangelists of civilisation while the Americans identified themselves as the guardians of democracy. What elevated  both these nations into the realms of greatness was the strength of their conviction in fulfilling the teachings of the most powerful book in the world the Holy Bible. That is the common denominator.

Reason should then subdue the seeker of greatness to open the said Book and find out what it says about how a nation can become great. After much study with the aid of the Author of the Book I have managed to identify the one verse in the entire Bible where the simple question is answered. It is Proverbs 14:34. It says, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.” In other words, what makes a nation great is observing the ordinances of the Creator of all nations, God. This also explains why a single nation can vacillate between greatness and mediocrity. History corroborates this fundamental lesson. Great nations have all fallen singularily because of sin. It is my assertion that the USA was rapidly following this trajectory but her downfall has been somewhat slowed down by the ascendancy of Donald Trump who has reminded the nation that her greatness came from God therefore He should be feared and followed again if the US is to retain and maintain its greatness.

At one point in history the nation of Zimbabwe was once called Great Zimbabwe by the English-speaking explorers who visited it. What made the nation great was the strength of its conviction in following the ordinances of Musikavanhu, the Creator of the human race. The downfall of the great nation came with the infusion of parallel doctrines and the diffusion of it’s morality at the hands of another great nation with a stronger conviction, England. Now the nation no longer has an identity and it continues to divide itself along hazy lines drawn at the fall of Great Zimbabwe. I might even go as far as claiming that it is no longer a nation at all but just a collection of people following different gods under one roof enclosed in a teapot shaped fence.


Witchcraft is most commonly practised by ethnicities of African origin. Those of other races who have adopted it have further divided it into white magic and black magic. Here in Africa witchcraft is still pure and unadulterated. It is still so firmly rooted in our society that it even has space in national discourse; political and otherwise. Politicians themselves have even testified to its influence in their personal and public lives. In other parts of the world this would be branded as insanity. I am of the view that branding it as such is just plain arrogance. It still exists and still needs to be discussed.

The root of witchcraft is in the belief in physical manifestations of the supernatural. This belief existed in African society long before the invasion of Christianity. It is common knowledge that the inhabitants of the African continent had a religion of their own before their colonisation by Christian Imperialists. In the Mutapa Empire headquartered at the Great Zimbabwe the Most High God had His own local name, Musikavanhu, meaning The Creator of the Human Race. When white people came to invade the land the Chief Priestess Nehanda Nyakasikana warned the local church that human beings with pale skin would come and spill innocent blood for the land. I find it peculiar that she already knew that they both worshipped the same God but the invaders would use their own version of the basic Truth to proclaim themselves as gods. That is how deeply spiritual Africans already were long before the arrival of the Holy Bible.

What the arrival of the Holy Bible signaled was the revelation of the true nature of the other spirits Africans were worshipping as gods themselves, viz the dead (ancestral spirits). In the local religion idol worship had already found its way into true worship in the form of placing unreserved respect for the long deceased souls. What the local church followers forgot to ask was “where are these spirits living?”. The concept of “heaven and hell” seemed to have deluded the local church. Out of this ignorance came the deception of worshipping inhabitants of hell in exchange of physical manifestation of spiritual power whose origin the worshipper chose to ignore. What resulted was a society obsessed with spiritual power rather than physical power. The definition of ‘power’ in the local society was ‘one who can make physical manifestations of spiritual power’. In the modern language this can be translated to ‘one who can perform the most powerful miracles.’ This also explains why the current obsession over ‘prophets and miracles’ should not be a surprise at all.

Every society is driven by the fight for power whichever way it defines it. Western society is driven by the fight for money because it has defined its ‘power’ as ‘one with the most money’. Of course this fight also subsisted in local society; he with the largetst herd of cattle also had more power. The difference comes in our local society viewing spiritual power as superior to material power.  What ensues is a society that also relishes fear. It all starts and ends with fear. Fear of dying in the invisible hands of the man next door; fear of being caught without protection; fear of being caught in the act and the fear of losing a battle. I have a firm belief that at the back of most African minds lies a dream of being a witch doctor as one grows up seeing the wonders done by those “gifted few” who seem to have the world at their feet. It is this lethal reverence of those who practise “white magic” or “black magic to heal” that creates witches and wizards. The desire to also have the same power and use it for one’s personal benefit. Is that not the definition of a witch? One who uses black magic for his own selfish end.





Sacrificing oneself for a greater good is the highest honour by any measure. Problems arise when the definition of this “good” runs contrary to the principles of peace and justice. It needs no stretch of the imagination to see how self-sacrifice has been abused and convoluted to its end-point. Here I refer to the florid terrorist suicide attacks that have plagued our planet under the guise of martyrdom.

It is such a pity that no reasonable discussion on any of the remaining virtues in modern society can be made without self-censorship imposed by the wolf called political correctness. A wolf in sheep’s clothing (humanism). A logical step would have been to explore the reasoning and lack thereof behind the Jihadist movement. I still have quite a number of years left in my tank therefore it would be futile and suicidal of me to state the obvious concerning the religion in question. Every sane person knows that the book these people read teaches exactly what we now see. I choose not to tempt fate by preaching to the choir. I will let the burning candles in memorial testify their own story.

There is a recurring scene we always see in almost all democratic revolutions; that one person who decides to literally set themselves ablaze in front of all the world to see. This of course is unnecessarily extreme but it offers a good pictorial reference of the extent of sacrifice I wish to explore. In my view this kind of sacrifice, killing oneself, is no longer necessary because all the world needed was just one person who would openly throw themselves into the jaws of death and live to tell the tale. History states that one Man particularly sticks out. He goes by many names; Yeshuah, Messiah, Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, the list is endless. He is the only Man in history who has consistently been proven to have conclusively conquered death itself.

It is prudent to always remember that no change in any form ever comes without those who choose to take the new path sacrificing one thing or another in their lives. This principle is infallible and irrefutable. The creation and evolution of what is currently the most powerful nation on earth, the USA, makes for a very apt example. The country’s history is littered with names of brave men and women who have made tremendous sacrifices to fight for a greater cause. They have forsaken their comfortable lives, careers, family and even sanity to effect the change they so much desired.

It is at this point that the phrase “the call to duty” was introduced. This essentially means that one has identified his/her true purpose in life, to serve and lead, and has chosen to stay true on this path all the while forsaking all else. The term “assuming office” can be considered a pseudonym. It is quite revealing that these terms are almost unheard of in Zimbabwe let alone the entire continent of Africa. The phrase “in power” is more commonly used in these parts of the world. It is evident that how Africa views democracy is very different from how the rest of the democracy world approaches it. In Africa the elected see their role as “to rule” rather than “to serve”. This of course runs contrary to the ideals of democracy and it is precisely the reason why we continue to see authoritarianism and democratic tyranny in Africa.

All this in my view explains the political apathy that continues to plague Zimbabwe. It is my contention that those who have been called to duty feel let down by those they would have made monumental sacrifices for. This has been so consistent that most have begun to shun the call of duty and have decided to keep to themselves. This I say from my own experience. Once one makes it known that they have a calling to serve more often than not it is not the ‘rulers’ who suppress them but it is the people they want to ‘lead’ who discourage and shun them. What then remains is a society which yearns for change but is unwilling to lend a hand (or even encouragement) to those who would have been called to serve them and lead the change. Thus dictatorship continues to perpetuate…till there are no more sacrifices to be made.


Discipline in itself can lead to predictability unless if it is coupled with virtue, also known as righteousness. This principle stretches across all dogma, religion and all other demarcations of society; modern and of old. While this humble admission should not be viewed as a defence of humanism it should also not dissuade the reader into casting me away as a vacillating zealot. After all humility, discipline, virtue and pragmatism are not at all disparate in their fundamental value; defending one should quickly compel the alert mind to defend the other.

No organisation of live beings can ever survive without respecting an established chain of command. This is also known as military discipline but it is not at all exclusive to the armed forces. The very act of practising discipline can also be termed regimental living; again military parallels are drawn. It is exactly for these reasons that propel me to claim that we all need to acquaint ourselves with at least one military treatise or another. A good place to start would be at least a cursory glance at the omniscient The Art of War by Sun Tzu. I have since realised that the teachings in this epic book are very consistent with the teachings in the book of Proverbs.

Discipline becomes a problem when it is used by a group of elitists to have their way with “the masses” to quote both Karl Marx and Adolf Hitler. This might sound odd to some but I believe that Hitler’s Mein Kampf and Karl Marx’s writings were the ideological foundations upon which ZANU-PF are based. It eludes the memory of most that Robert Mugabe himself has been consistent with defending and fulfilling Communism ever since his 20’s. If one were to do some research into his interviews from his entrance into politics till now one would be utterly shocked to see that the man has been a communist all along and has always had it as his mission to force communism onto “the masses”. Even the structure of the party itself was drawn from the organisation structure in prominent communist countries such as China and the Soviet Union.

If one were also lucky enough to read ZANU-PF’s constitution and the Unity Accord of 1987 they would most definitely be convinced that our country has been run by communists all along. The Unity Accord specifically stated that the aim was to create a “one party state” with “one centre of power”. That I must add is the foundation upon which all dictatorships of the past century have been based on. It then follows that what we call democracy is in actual sacrilege in ZANU-PF therefore it is viewed as “indiscipline and terrorism”. What we need to look at now is how to elevate “the masses” from the rank of “dissidents” to heroes and free men.

It begs no question that communism has no place in modern democratic systems in any part of the world. It runs against the rationale and morals of the human rights declarations which almost all countries on earth have assented to. It is absolutely no coincidence that those regimes who commit gross human rights violations are also unrepentant communists. China and North Korea are the best examples. The recent moves by Robert Mugabe; abuse of democratic journalists, unbridled patronage, devolution of the church; the unrelenting use of violence; should therefore not surprise anyone. ZANU-PF has become a deadly cancer that has been systematically devouring democracy ever since its inception.

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