Writing is draining and reading is liberating. Once in a while a writer needs to take a step back, put down his pen, find a comfortable chair and do nothing but read to his heart’s desire. With no worry about the next book or the next article to write. To have a period of pensive but relaxing meditation. I have been admonished to do exactly that in Ecclesiastes 12:12 which says,

“And further, my son, be admonished by these. Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.”

The Word of God never falters. It reveals the Truth. I really am tired. My flesh is indeed weary. Time for a rest. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back……parting words:

“Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, For this is man’s all.” – Ecclesiastes 12:13

I rest my case.



The secret to happiness and success in life is knowing who you are and why you are here. The key to peace is having a clear chain of command in your life. Humility comes in acknowledging that you have to take orders from someone for guidance in navigating this mystic jungle called life. Who is your Master? Who do you answer to? Whose orders do you follow? These are the questions, if answered truthfully, that will reveal who you really are and why you are here.

The rhetoric of the ruling elite and elitists in my country is narrowly focused on the attainment and wielding of power and nothing more. Even their propagandist music reeks of worship and pride in politicians who have been buoyed to their positions by invitation of the chief master who has placed himself as a god who is immortal and infallible. What eludes these idol worshippers (ZANU-PF) is the fact that they are the ones who have the power and not Mugabe and his cabal of corrupt and incompetent puppets. They need to look back at the history of their party and not of the nation if they are to understand themselves as a ruling institution.

The man they so adore and fear was actually appointed into his position by the founding members of the party who decided to recruit him for his oratory skills and nothing more. Have they not noticed that all the positions he has held in the party have more to do with preaching and crowd pulling rather substance and policy? If Mugabe had been given the treasury post of the party upon invitation, which I must say was fully feasible since he had degrees in that field, his competence would have been long revealed and he would never have risen to the zenith of power.

He was appointed by only a few of the founders of the party who then forced him upon the party members in Mozambique where he had been assisted to cross into by Chief Rekai Tangwena. This rhetoric of his that he was put in power by the people is now stale. He has been using the same tactic ever since he arrived in Mozambique and has consistently disposed of anyone who proved to a serious contender to the throne which he has gotten too comfortable in. I found it revealing that the President opened up to his SADC counterparts some two years back in South Africa, that every time he comes to the end of each term he starts to reflect back on what he had accomplished and always finds huge gaps and deficits which he pushes on to the next term. It shows that all he cares about is his legacy and not progress of the nation.

I am quite certain that the president is now, once again as is customary at the end of each term, asking himself the questions stated above. Who am I going to be remembered as? What was my mission? Why was I put here? I am also quite certain that the president is not satisfied with the answers to his questions. If he were to depart today he knows his legacy will be, “The man who destroyed a prosperous nation”. He should have listened when Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda cautioned him not to plunder the “jewel and breadbasket of Africa”. President Mugabe has failed. He has simply failed.



There has always been a persistent plot by the rulers of this world to wipe out the truth from history. The change in the terminology of chronology from BC (Before Christ) to BCE (Before the Common Era) and from AD (Anno Domini) to CE (Common Era) is the most blatant of them all. The switch has been unreservedly defended by both the pantheists and atheists who have decided to discredit Jesus Christ as having any historical significance.

The same approach has systematically been used to diffuse the true teachings and presence of Jesus Christ with alien cultures starting in Greece where mythology and pagan worship were introduced into the Church. The scientific world has seemingly a single objective; to discredit the presence of Jesus Christ or even God. The wild goose-chase in search of “the God particle” is only part of that ruse. It is to divert attention from the obvious truth that what they are looking for is actually a Being who for a while walked on this earth as flesh and blood. It seems there is a conscious effort to move away from the truth even though they claim the sole objective of science is to search for the truth.

The field of archaeology is a unique case. It faced a torrid and dark time when it was sent chasing after the false theory of evolution. Charles Darwin himself admitted on his deathbed that he was remorseful over his life’s work. Archaeology has since redeemed itself by positively seeking out to uncover the hard evidence that Biblical events did take place. The skull of Goliath has supposedly been unearthed. The City of David has been found. Multiple books written in Biblical times continue to be found everywhere. The Book of Enoch is a good example. It then boggles the mind why scientists continue to rebuff the Bible when the evidence validating the truth and accuracy of the Scriptures is already at this point over-whelming. Why are they fighting so hard to run away from the real Truth? Is that not what Science is all about, searching for the Truth?

Political history can also never change the truth about the present. The Truth exists outside the constraints of Time itself. History is just a recollection of different viewpoints of the same Time line. The same date, hour, minute or second is viewed differently from one individual to another therefore history is nothing but an opinion of whoever is recalling it. This ladies and gentlemen is how I explain the Theory of Relativity in Political and Theological terms.

The fact that the incompetence of a government does not need history to validate it is purely scientific. Competence is an objective measure, it is not subjective or prejudiced. There are parameters that can be used, which exist outside the constraints of time, to quantify just how incompetent a government is. It thus flies against logic having a government that justifies all its actions by giving a history of why and how they are in power. Simple science disproves this futility, the mathematics is just plain wrong.


The function of tears is to clean away. A recent event in my dear country has moved the nation. Once again the Law has invaded the Ecclesiastic.

This particular episode is different from the previous ones. This persecution was stamped with a prophetic tone rather than the dejected tone we were used to. The conviction in the wording is chilling and I fear for the soul that will come against the wind of that anointed prophecy.  It reminds me of John the Baptist in Matthew 3:1-3. If in some warped world the present were to be an indication of history I would say the state of the nation of Zimbabwe is similar to the state of Israel at that time; loss of hope, oppression, suppression and persecution.

The Jews were hungry for miracles. They thronged around anyone who performed miracles regardless of where the power came from (again I draw parallels with another disturbing story of a pagan miracle worker who has been elevated to fame). Those who gravitated towards John the Baptist were drawn by his humility, authority and most of all miracles. It appears that only a few listened to the core message he had; that there is one who is greater who was already present but the people did not know him. Is that what we are being told by the Almighty in this prophecy?

According to basic Neuroscience the effect of seeing someone crying (or crying out) is feeling like crying yourself. It is basic science not weakness or sentimentality. That is what distinguished the clergyman in question from all the previous human rights defenders; his relatability. It is almost impossible to stop a genuine cry even with the threat of death. Crying has the same domino effect as laughter and yawning. They are all contagious.

Pure science thus predicts that a wave of disparate and desperate crying is going to erupt until the nation is dry of tears….which may be never. Science is very dangerous.


At times it is impossible to distinguish between the two; bravery and stupidity. They even share the same definition in most parts. In no other arena is this apparently mutually exclusive dichotomy more blurry than in a war or revolution.

The world has had a front row view of this tragedy on the Korean Peninsula. As the President of Zimbabwe rightfully said at this year’s UN General Assembly, “we are all embarrassed if not frightened”. What makes the whole scenario even more sinister is that the trigger to the nukes is in the hands of two childish bullies. Their poor rhetoric betrays with weakness. If it takes only a Twitter post to get some senior official fired then we fear the outcome of one tantrum gone wrong.

Zimbabwe has never been spared from this blurry and murky quagmire. What we see in the nation is a forced fast on an already beaten up Christian voter with no other weapon but prayer, faith and hope. Excitement is still deficient. What pervades the atmosphere is dejection at an outcome already sealed before being opened. The economy is taking a precipitous fall and no one expected it to come so soon and so fast. Everyone was busy concentrating on the drama that is Zimbabwean politics.

The result has been a mushroom effect among the politically-ambitious youths who also want a piece of the corruption gravy train steaming on ahead into a cataclysmic abyss which has now beckoned on our door-steps. The greatest threat to the nation’s recovery and progress is the cabal of errant youths who have made the choice to emulate the failed ruling system. What eludes their aberrant reasoning is the fact that the train they are clinging onto is about to reach its last station.

Tardiness is not an option. Inflammatory words might just get us all killed. This is the time that we should all learn the power of words in both written and spoken forms. A single word might usher one into the realm of stupidity under the guise of bravery.

BOOK REVIEW: Gifted Hands by Ben Carson

I would like to state from the outset that the full title of this book is in actual fact Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. It is an autobiography written, with the aid of Cecil Murphey, by the celebrated Neurosurgeon Prof Benjamin Carson  who fought against all odds to reach the pinnacle of a field many associate with great intellect.

The sole purpose of the book is to inspire youngsters into believing in themselves and using their ability to read to widen their world understanding. Since its publication in 1990 the book has been so successful that some schools in the United States of America have adopted it into their curriculum and various reading clubs and scholarships have been named after the author.

Ben, along with his elder brother Curtis, was born and grew up in American slums and was raised by a single, uneducated and God-fearing mother who also writes a letter to the reader at the beginning of the book. His father deserted them when the author was only 8 years old to be with his other family for he was a bigamist. The boy’s mother could hardly cope with meeting the family’s financial demands and only survived by doing menial jobs such as house-cleaning.

Ben did not do so well academically when he was in elementary school to the extent of being ridiculed by his classmates and earning the title, “class dummy”. All this changed when his mother made a radical change in the house rules. Sonya (the author’s mother) was so inspired by the reading habits of the successful people whose houses she cleaned that she forced her children to read at least two books a week and write a report on each book read. Television watching was reduced to a couple of shows a week. As if by magic Ben’s and Curtis’ grades started to shoot up and they never faltered ever since.

The young disadvantaged boy would climb up the academic ranks to becoming a Presidential candidate in the 2016 US elections. He lost in the Republican primary elections but this candidature in itself was just icing on the cake. He was already well-accomplished. He was the first Neurosurgeon to successfully do hemispherectomies (removing half the brain) in epileptic patients, separate cranial conjoined twins (twins with fused heads) and myriad other innovations in the field of Neurosurgery. What I found particularly interesting was his appointment as the Chief of Paediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions at the tender age of just 33!

I highly recommend this book.


It needs no illustration that the year 2017 is a unique year. A lot of history is being made all over the globe. The question you have to ask yourself is ‘why?’. It’s very simple. The year 2017 is the year that Revelations 22:11 is being fulfilled.

The verse is not for the faint-hearted. It is scary for most. It says, “He who is unjust, let him be unjust still; he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; he who is righteous, let him be righteous still; he who is holy, let him be holy still.” Frightening isn’t it?

2017 is the year of reckoning. Of gathering sheep and catching fish. It is the year of revelation. Every wicked deed will be exposed and held accountable for. Every good deed will be exposed and rewarded for.

The gentle Christian should not fear though. Rest comes in knowing Jesus Christ for who He really is. He is the author of Life. He published a book about Himself millennia ago; his Autobiography. Is it not the norm that if you want to really know someone and you want to be inspired by them you should read what they have to write about themselves.

His Life is not just written in a single book. It is written in all the books in a nifty library called the The Holy Bible. Christians should throw away this notion that the Bible is a single book. No, it is a compendium of books which have different ways of saying the same thing.

As you read the Old Testament remember that all words which are put in quotes saying, “And the Lord said…”. Those words are the Words of Jesus Christ. The Old Testament authors just called Him Lord because they did not know His Name. His name was revealed to Mary through Gabriel. From then onwards we now had a Name to the voice in the Old Testament.


The fact that we are not alone is now beyond argument. The evidence is overwhelming. What I do not subscribe to is the theory that these non-human creatures come from ‘outer space’ or ‘from our future selves, post-nuclear decimation’. I believe these creatures are actually demonic creatures which are part of Satan’s army.

The fallacy stems from the notion that earth belongs to human beings. Jesus Christ Himself refers to Satan as ‘the ruler of this world’. It means that whatever is not of Christ is from Satan. I would also want to draw attention to the first verses of the Holy Scriptures in the book of Genesis. It says “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”. This means that human beings were created well after all the planets and earth itself were created. The jump from the first verse to the second verse is epic. It only describes the earth and it’s form. It does not talk about the other planets in the heavens but only focuses on one of God’s creations, Earth.

The proceeding verses depict God’s intention of creating a planet with beings “in His own image” [Genesis 1:27]. This means that among all of God’s creation we are the chosen race. Those who do not know this Eternal Truth will have no choice but to take their “aliens” for what they say they are. It eludes their minds that if human beings can lie so can any other creature especially one with a superior intelligence.

One fact that has been consistent among the Alien Theory is that these creatures have a superior intellect. Perhaps this is where the average Christian allows fear to grip them into dejection. The Eternal Truth teaches that God only listens from the heart and not from the mind. A good illustration is drawn from the temptation of Jesus Christ in the desert. Even Satan was quoting from the Scriptures because he knew that where the Scriptures are is where the heart of God is. His attack on Jesus Christ was only in the mind because he knew that once the mind is captured it will be easy to get to the heart and take away the soul. The adage, ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’ is actually Biblical in its moral teaching.

The Eternal Truth even went as far as teaching us how to kick the devil and his minions out of our minds; by filling them with the Word of God. Once the mind is preoccupied with the Truth then no one can have access to it and the heart will be safely guarded from infiltration.

A very accurate explanation of what these “aliens” really are is given in the Book of Enoch which I completely believe to be true simply because it does not contradict the Book of Genesis. What it does is explain in detail the structure of God’s creation made in the first chapter of Genesis. Once one reads and understands the book it becomes clear that these aliens are actually those fallen angels who had been locked up in hell but are now being released in fulfilment of prophecy. The Bible’s greatest apostle, Paul, even SPECIFICALLY warned about this alien theory in 2 Thessalonians 2.

The purpose of the Alien Theory is to usher in the antiChrist who will appear to the world and supposedly saves the human race from these “malicious aliens” thereby declaring himself saviour of the world.


Somewhere along human evolution from binary existence (Survival vs Death) to a blob of grey morality, perception, philosophy and dogma a fallacy was injected into the human psyche that states that wisdom comes with age. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Myriad illustrations can be conjured to rebuff this misguided notion. The field of mathematics makes for a good start. Albert Einstein discovered his groundbreaking theories in his twenties. Stephen Hawking started making ground-breaking discoveries in his twenties. Isaac Newton started his intellectual voyage in his thirties. The list is exhaustive. In recent decades there has been a surge in the number of precocious geniuses who have been exalted in television shows such as Child Genius. An alert mind will now start to make an argument that genius and wisdom are separate entities. The field of literature waters this refutation.

The Beat Generation is a classic example of genius existing in inverse proportion to wisdom. D.H Lawrence was smart but not wise; he was an alcoholic. Many other literary minds have also succumbed to various forms of perversion even to the extent of committing suicide. And of course not forgetting our very own Zimbabwean doppleganger, Dambudzo. I find it interesting that authors live a life independent of some of the very wise characters they create. I am even bold enough to claim that all writers have in some form or another written about their ‘wiser self’. This theory holds true in that subset of authors whose works are semi-autobiographical. Visual artists act in like manner.

I view age as nothing but a count-down to the inevitable. Allow me to open the pages of the Eternal Truth. King David was very wise at a very tender age to the extent that the reigning king also feared him on account of his wisdom. [1 Samuel 18:15]. David started his reign at the age of 30. [2 Samuel 5:4]. The wisest king in the Holy Scriptures, Solomon, admitted that he was young at the start of his reign but he knew that there is a way to gain wisdom in spite of age. [1 Kings 3:7-12]. I would like to draw the gentle reader to the fact that God concurred with Solomon on the definition of wisdom. It was defined as the ability to “discern between good and evil”. [1 Kings 3:9]. A very simple definition for an over-sensationalised concept.

A parallel can be drawn from the 14th Dalai Lama, Jetsun Jamphel Ngawang Lobsang Yeshe Tenzin Gyatso . In his book, ANCIENT WISDOM, MODERN WORLD: Ethics for the Millennium, published in 1999, he exhorts humanity to seek wisdom on the basis of discipline, virtue, love, compassion, patience, tolerance and forgiveness. I believe the man is worth listening to; he won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1989 at age 54 and started his reign at the extremely tender age of just 2 years old.

I find comfort in the fact that a human being can only live up to the stipulated limit of 120 years. [Genesis 6:3]. Perhaps it is not so comforting for the citizenry of the tiny but extremely blessed nation of Zimbabwe. I also happen to think the ancient Munhumutapa Empire, whose capital was Great Zimbabwe, is the biblical land of Ophir. But I digress. In recent times a hilarious debate occurred in the nation’s parliament where-by the Minister of Justice attempted to belittle a sharp and young opposition politician on account of age and in the process kicking a hornet’s nest that is the President’s advanced age (93 years old). If this biblical truth were to be taken at face value it can be taken to mean that the said geriatric President may reign for 27 more years!

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