Dogma is the greatest threat to our species’ survival on this planet. Have we not learnt from our own history? All the major wars that have resulted in near-extinction of certain subsets of our human race have been triggered and fueled by differences in ideology. The Crusaders, ISIS, Islamic State, Nazis, Communists and Capitalists are only a sample of the endless list of ideologies that have driven all our great wars.

It is unfortunate that our very own Zimbabwe has not been spared from this perdition. What we have created for ourselves is a movement of socialists, communists and tribalists in the form of ZANU-PF. It is high time Zimbabweans start looking at history as is not as was. History still has it on record that ZANU-PF was created by the people; these people being the black Rhodesians. Just this one fact reveals just how powerful the people have if they stand united behind an ideal. This is where the problem started. Since the death of Nehanda Nyakasikana this country has never been as united as it was during the second chimurenga. The multiple opposition parties that have cropped up since the word “politics” was introduced into our language have all been offspring of ZANU-PF. Even Morgan Tsvangirai was a ZANU-PF activist as one point. He said it himself in his autobiography, At The Deep End.

Logic then follows that if the people of Zimbabwe are to have a real change, which they purport to want but are not willing to work for, they should do the same thing that ZANU-PF did i.e. unite as the entire nation for a single purpose. It is this realisation that has recently compelled our opposition parties to sit down and work out a plan. This is where they begin but it is where I end. I believe the dream of a “grand coalition” is the only way out but I have a problem with its implementation just as much as I agree to the necessity of taking back our land but abhor the way it was carried out. It is scientifically, specifically mathematically, impossible for the formula being applied to yield the desired fruit.

If a group of people decide to achieve a common goal but they choose to start from the point of division and work their way up to unity then that process will most definitely collapse as it will be moving against gravity. Newton taught us that if you want to move something it is easier and wiser to move it downward than to push it up. The biggest hindrance to a unified opposition alliance is that they do not have a common goal. There are two main subliminal factions in the opposition space. There is one group which wants change of government and there is the other group which wants change of governance. In other words one group wants power and the other wants progress. This dichotomy is just as lethal as that which persists in ZANU-PF where things are much clearer. What this then means is that true change, the change that we need and not necessarily what we want, is a total revolution of ushering in a new way of thinking.

Even our collective Head of State Jesus Christ said “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” in Mark 3:24. It is actually easy for Zimbabwe to be united as a nation at this current point in history. We already have something we agree on yet we continue to create artificial and outright unnecessary divisions based on dogma. Research has clearly and consistently proven that almost 85% of Zimbabweans are Christians. Being a Christian means one believes in the teachings of the Bible and specifically means one who “is like Christ” to put it literally. Why then are we having divisions if we already have a common ideology that history has proven is the only real ideology every human being should follow and be governed by. Why not pick the tried and tested formula and put aside all these vain differences?

It is certainly not an impossible task as was said in Matthew 19:26. It is actually the easiest and most straightforward solution. Did He not say, “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven” in Matthew 18:19? It only takes two people to change this nation now imagine if there are millions or even just thousands praying for this specific change. The writing’s on the wall.



Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, the wife of the great 32nd American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, once said “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.”

I must point out that Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was also a notable politician, human rights activist and diplomat in her own right. Similarities between her and our own First Lady can be drawn if threaded carefully. Eleanor was the longest-serving First Lady as her husband, affectionately known as FDR, occupied the White House for a still unprecedented four terms which was necessitated by the US’  participation in the Second World War. This is where the similarities start and end; the long stay in power of both their husbands. We all know our First Lady is a terrible politician, human rights offender and most definitely not a diplomat.

I have taken it upon myself to study the constitutions and policy proposals of quite a number of opposition political parties in Zimbabwe (which number up to about 50) and I have been thoroughly impressed by some of the ideas I have seen and heard. What worries me is the inconsistency and unsatisfactory feasibility of actually implementing those good ideas. ZANU-PF have created an environment that is retrogressive and intolerant of any noble ideas which do not involve corruption or nepotism. They have also proven to be incompetent when it comes to implementing their own good ideas. Command Agriculture is a good example. The idea is progressive but has been countered by their own party leaders, most notably by the infamous humpty-dumpty propagandist, who have shown disdain at a good idea that has actually produced commendable results.

What Zimbabwe needs is a radical shift in its mindset from classifying ideas by party origin to looking into new and progressive ideas based on merit and feasibility. It certainly is counter-productive for political parties to keep their good ideas tucked away in their closets without offering them to the public for scrutiny and validation. On the other hand I am forced to admit that this sharing of ideas might be a futile attempt considering the obstinacy that guides ZANU-PF’s operations. It goes without saying that the perils that our nation continues to face are a direct result of President Mugabe’s arrogance and narrow-mindedness. His attitude of being a know-it-all has gotten us nowhere and it is exactly this attitude that makes him a dictator.

As always the Holy Scriptures offers guidance on how to properly and effectively harness the power of ideas or creativity. When the Lord revealed his Omnipotence to Job in Job 38 he started off by saying, “Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”. This sums up the question we have to ask ZANU-PF; who are you to rule us without knowledge?

I have identified the main problem with Zimbabwe. It is lack of constitutionalism. The government does not fear or even respect the Constitution just as much as the majority of all political parties do not follow their own constitutions. Both ZANU-PF and the MDC have shown disregard for their own constitutions. The second problem, closely linked to the main problem, is the rapid proliferation of ideological demarcations in the form of disparate political parties. What we need is a radical idea and I propose one here. How about we abolish all political parties and come up with the only ONE constitution that everyone fears and respects. A constitution that cannot be amended or abused.

In short I propose that we hold a referendum to place the Holy Bible as our constitution. It will solve ALL of our problems in one clean swipe.



The secret to happiness and success in life is knowing who you are and why you are here. The key to peace is having a clear chain of command in your life. Humility comes in acknowledging that you have to take orders from someone for guidance in navigating this mystic jungle called life. Who is your Master? Who do you answer to? Whose orders do you follow? These are the questions, if answered truthfully, that will reveal who you really are and why you are here.

The rhetoric of the ruling elite and elitists in my country is narrowly focused on the attainment and wielding of power and nothing more. Even their propagandist music reeks of worship and pride in politicians who have been buoyed to their positions by invitation of the chief master who has placed himself as a god who is immortal and infallible. What eludes these idol worshippers (ZANU-PF) is the fact that they are the ones who have the power and not Mugabe and his cabal of corrupt and incompetent puppets. They need to look back at the history of their party and not of the nation if they are to understand themselves as a ruling institution.

The man they so adore and fear was actually appointed into his position by the founding members of the party who decided to recruit him for his oratory skills and nothing more. Have they not noticed that all the positions he has held in the party have more to do with preaching and crowd pulling rather substance and policy? If Mugabe had been given the treasury post of the party upon invitation, which I must say was fully feasible since he had degrees in that field, his competence would have been long revealed and he would never have risen to the zenith of power.

He was appointed by only a few of the founders of the party who then forced him upon the party members in Mozambique where he had been assisted to cross into by Chief Rekai Tangwena. This rhetoric of his that he was put in power by the people is now stale. He has been using the same tactic ever since he arrived in Mozambique and has consistently disposed of anyone who proved to a serious contender to the throne which he has gotten too comfortable in. I found it revealing that the President opened up to his SADC counterparts some two years back in South Africa, that every time he comes to the end of each term he starts to reflect back on what he had accomplished and always finds huge gaps and deficits which he pushes on to the next term. It shows that all he cares about is his legacy and not progress of the nation.

I am quite certain that the president is now, once again as is customary at the end of each term, asking himself the questions stated above. Who am I going to be remembered as? What was my mission? Why was I put here? I am also quite certain that the president is not satisfied with the answers to his questions. If he were to depart today he knows his legacy will be, “The man who destroyed a prosperous nation”. He should have listened when Julius Nyerere and Kenneth Kaunda cautioned him not to plunder the “jewel and breadbasket of Africa”. President Mugabe has failed. He has simply failed.



Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of any democratic system. In all honesty freedom of assembly is somewhat inferior to this fundamental human right. As always the Government of Zimbabwe has decided to forsake the Constitution and we are left wondering why the Constitution was written in the first place. What is the point in having a Constitution if the State itself does not obey it or at least even recognise it? Why did the Government waste the taxpayers’ money when they embarked on the costly drafting and voting in of the Constitution? What was the point?

Sections 61 and 62 of the Constitution of The Republic of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) of 2013 clearly stipulate the parameters in between which the right to freedom of expression should be enjoyed. It goes without saying that the proposed Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill is contrary to the provisions of the constitution. In jurisprudence this is referred to as an unconstitutional law. The timing also shows just how much the Government abhors the citizens they are supposed to be serving and protecting. Imposing on the public a restrictive law just before elections are held supposedly to vote back into power a failed and grossly incompetent regime indicates total disregard of the rights and concerns of the citizenry. It clearly shows that the Government does not care what the citizens think or have to say about affairs of the State. It also clearly shows that the Government is downright scared of its citizens.

Attempting to shut down the internet is as futile as trying to shut down the easy flow of information in the modern world. How does the Government think it can control the use of the internet? And does it not contradict the President’s actions? The President is busy going around all provinces in the country opening internet cafe’s yet now he wants to restrict access to the same facilities. This man has absolutely no idea what he is doing or even what he is supposed to be doing. He is an incompetent leader who thinks acquiring degrees (probably through cramming and regurging notes written by his wife Sally) gives him any form of credibility. He has both a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in Law yet he has shown us that he has absolutely no appreciation of how the Law works. He has a Bachelor degree in Administration but he has shown us just how little he knows about governance. He has both a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in Economics but knows absolutely nothing about how an economy should be managed. He has a Bachelor degree in Education yet he has allowed an incompetent minister to destroy our country’s Primary and Secondary Education not to mention the political vagabond he has placed in charge of the Higher Education ministry.

The President’s insatiable appetite for travelling is unrivaled. What boggles the mind is that he never seems to come back with anything meaningful or beneficiary to his citizens. Logic infers that the purpose of travelling is to see the world, get inspired and learn how things are done in other parts of the world. It appears the President has brought nothing back to this country from his myriad foreign trips except dangerous and retrogressive ideas. The Computer Crime and Cybercrime Bill is one such borrowed and lethal idea. The same approach is used in China, North Korea and other oppressive countries. Africa has of late followed suit by shutting down the internet especially during election time. Kenya has attempted to use the same instrument but we have all seen how that has failed. Uganda has also failed in that regard. Apart from inflaming the wrath of  their up-to-date citizens these countries have also unwittingly cost their economies dearly. It does not take a genius to realise that our modern economies are heavily dependant on the internet and access to it by their clientele.

It is such a shame that decision-making in this country continues to be fueled by ignorance and cruelty. If indeed the internet including the social media are to blame for the country’s ills then why did they not also set up their own channels, on the same platform, to counter the supposed falsehoods they seek to suppress? Why take the drastic measure of throwing people in jail? I think the answer to this is very simple and clear. The Government of Zimbabwe does NOT know how the internet works. They are completely lost when it comes to 21st century technology and ideas. For example they did not take into account the diaspora population. The internet does not have any geographical boundaries meaning you cannot place a law to curtail it unless you have extremely advanced technologies to enforce it. How about external servers? How about cat fishing? How about encrypted messages? How about coding?

Freedom of expression is extremely difficult to oppose and the Government of Zimbabwe should know better than to suppress it. It is an act of desperation which will fall flat on its face. I for one will never ever ever be silenced. Try something else.


The shortest route to the bottom is down the seemingly exhilarating nail-biting precipitous downward spiral-corridor of arrogance. It forms only one of the triad of the dark kingdom’s gospel; pride of life (arrogance), lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh.

Arrogance sets in when humility gives way to the blind whims of power whose true source the beholder chooses to forsake. All power has one eternal source, the Creator of Life. When one starts to attribute their own power to themselves and not to the real source then what follows is a fast descent into the abyss where there is no light. We often see this in men of God who eventually deny having had their power thrust on them by God but instead start to preach that they “earned” their power. This deception also holds true in politics.

The Holy Bible is replete with stories of greater rulers or kings who fell away from the grace of God but still chose to rule nonetheless. King Saul is a very good example. God distanced Himself from Saul and instead anointed another king in his place even when the incumbent was still alive and still on the throne. Out of arrogance Saul decided to continue ruling even without the power of God behind him. What followed was a spectacular fall which was, as always is the case when this happens, extremely humiliating.

What evades the reasoning of politicians, especially despots, is that when God turns His back on you power automatically gets switched off and what remains is just the remnants of your former self. Power is not signing papers and giving orders. Power cannot be quantified by how many years you have had it or by the number of contenders you have disposed of. It is certainly not quantified by how many people shower praises upon you. I wish to point out that the act of showering praises on someone is equivalent to worshiping them. We have had a front-row view of this spectacle in Zimbabwe where we have seen ZANU-PF cadres tripping over themselves to worship (through blasphemy) their king Nebuchadnezzar.

How then do we know where the true power lies in our society? The answer is very simple and it also takes humility to accept it. All we have to do is identify those in our society who hear directly from God (the prophets of the land) and ask them what God is saying about the land. We have seen this repeatedly happening in the Bible and we have recently also seen it re-emerging in the USA where President Trump has reverted to the principles of the American Founding Fathers who always had spiritual counsel close to them. It is extremely unfortunate that our king, President Mugabe, has decided to shun this noble route. If he were to consult his spiritual advisers or the true prophets of the lands he would most certainly be told that there is a real reason why there is no contention to the throne. It is not because of the people because it was not the people who put him where he is. It is because God has been allowing him to stay where he is. That is the question he should be asking God not people.



There has always been a persistent plot by the rulers of this world to wipe out the truth from history. The change in the terminology of chronology from BC (Before Christ) to BCE (Before the Common Era) and from AD (Anno Domini) to CE (Common Era) is the most blatant of them all. The switch has been unreservedly defended by both the pantheists and atheists who have decided to discredit Jesus Christ as having any historical significance.

The same approach has systematically been used to diffuse the true teachings and presence of Jesus Christ with alien cultures starting in Greece where mythology and pagan worship were introduced into the Church. The scientific world has seemingly a single objective; to discredit the presence of Jesus Christ or even God. The wild goose-chase in search of “the God particle” is only part of that ruse. It is to divert attention from the obvious truth that what they are looking for is actually a Being who for a while walked on this earth as flesh and blood. It seems there is a conscious effort to move away from the truth even though they claim the sole objective of science is to search for the truth.

The field of archaeology is a unique case. It faced a torrid and dark time when it was sent chasing after the false theory of evolution. Charles Darwin himself admitted on his deathbed that he was remorseful over his life’s work. Archaeology has since redeemed itself by positively seeking out to uncover the hard evidence that Biblical events did take place. The skull of Goliath has supposedly been unearthed. The City of David has been found. Multiple books written in Biblical times continue to be found everywhere. The Book of Enoch is a good example. It then boggles the mind why scientists continue to rebuff the Bible when the evidence validating the truth and accuracy of the Scriptures is already at this point over-whelming. Why are they fighting so hard to run away from the real Truth? Is that not what Science is all about, searching for the Truth?

Political history can also never change the truth about the present. The Truth exists outside the constraints of Time itself. History is just a recollection of different viewpoints of the same Time line. The same date, hour, minute or second is viewed differently from one individual to another therefore history is nothing but an opinion of whoever is recalling it. This ladies and gentlemen is how I explain the Theory of Relativity in Political and Theological terms.

The fact that the incompetence of a government does not need history to validate it is purely scientific. Competence is an objective measure, it is not subjective or prejudiced. There are parameters that can be used, which exist outside the constraints of time, to quantify just how incompetent a government is. It thus flies against logic having a government that justifies all its actions by giving a history of why and how they are in power. Simple science disproves this futility, the mathematics is just plain wrong.

BOOK REVIEW: The King’s Commissar by Duncan Kyle

The plot is convoluted which is exactly what I like about the book. The story can essentially be divided into two timelines; one in the immediate aftermath of the last Tsar’s downfall in Russia and the other in latter day England.

Hillyard and Cleef is a London-based investment bank which has been depositing a specified amount of money every year into an anonymous Swiss account ever since the end of the First World War. An American, Laurence Pilgrim, is brought in to take over management of the bank from the English gentleman Sir Horace Malory. Laurence starts challenging the wisdom of defaulting the vault by giving away money to an unspecified destination. Sir Malory cautions him not to dig up old graves. He shows Pilgrim a simple letter written by  Sir Basil, Sir Malory’s predecessor,  instructing total silence about the matter, no questions asked. The American of course chooses not to listen.

What follows is a sequence of events whereby a young Royal Navy commander (Ltd Cdr) Dikeston recounts, through his letters, his mission which led to the yearly deposit tradition. He never makes it easy for one to solve his riddles and find these letters which also prove to be much more expensive to acquire than the yearly deposits. Dikeston narrates how he was sent on a solo secretive mission under direct orders of the King of England to rescue his cousin, the Tsar of the Russias who had been overthrown by Lenin’s  Bolsheviks. He sets out his mission under the guise of being a Moscow-backed Commissar of the Communist Party. The mission is hit with monumental setbacks which propel the story forward.

The King’s Commissar is an average fictitionalised historical thriller. What makes it better than a few is the use of language which again does not stand out but is delivered with beautiful precision. The author’s journalistic background is evident throughout the book. Will I recommend it? I am not so sure I can.


The function of tears is to clean away. A recent event in my dear country has moved the nation. Once again the Law has invaded the Ecclesiastic.

This particular episode is different from the previous ones. This persecution was stamped with a prophetic tone rather than the dejected tone we were used to. The conviction in the wording is chilling and I fear for the soul that will come against the wind of that anointed prophecy.  It reminds me of John the Baptist in Matthew 3:1-3. If in some warped world the present were to be an indication of history I would say the state of the nation of Zimbabwe is similar to the state of Israel at that time; loss of hope, oppression, suppression and persecution.

The Jews were hungry for miracles. They thronged around anyone who performed miracles regardless of where the power came from (again I draw parallels with another disturbing story of a pagan miracle worker who has been elevated to fame). Those who gravitated towards John the Baptist were drawn by his humility, authority and most of all miracles. It appears that only a few listened to the core message he had; that there is one who is greater who was already present but the people did not know him. Is that what we are being told by the Almighty in this prophecy?

According to basic Neuroscience the effect of seeing someone crying (or crying out) is feeling like crying yourself. It is basic science not weakness or sentimentality. That is what distinguished the clergyman in question from all the previous human rights defenders; his relatability. It is almost impossible to stop a genuine cry even with the threat of death. Crying has the same domino effect as laughter and yawning. They are all contagious.

Pure science thus predicts that a wave of disparate and desperate crying is going to erupt until the nation is dry of tears….which may be never. Science is very dangerous.


At times it is impossible to distinguish between the two; bravery and stupidity. They even share the same definition in most parts. In no other arena is this apparently mutually exclusive dichotomy more blurry than in a war or revolution.

The world has had a front row view of this tragedy on the Korean Peninsula. As the President of Zimbabwe rightfully said at this year’s UN General Assembly, “we are all embarrassed if not frightened”. What makes the whole scenario even more sinister is that the trigger to the nukes is in the hands of two childish bullies. Their poor rhetoric betrays with weakness. If it takes only a Twitter post to get some senior official fired then we fear the outcome of one tantrum gone wrong.

Zimbabwe has never been spared from this blurry and murky quagmire. What we see in the nation is a forced fast on an already beaten up Christian voter with no other weapon but prayer, faith and hope. Excitement is still deficient. What pervades the atmosphere is dejection at an outcome already sealed before being opened. The economy is taking a precipitous fall and no one expected it to come so soon and so fast. Everyone was busy concentrating on the drama that is Zimbabwean politics.

The result has been a mushroom effect among the politically-ambitious youths who also want a piece of the corruption gravy train steaming on ahead into a cataclysmic abyss which has now beckoned on our door-steps. The greatest threat to the nation’s recovery and progress is the cabal of errant youths who have made the choice to emulate the failed ruling system. What eludes their aberrant reasoning is the fact that the train they are clinging onto is about to reach its last station.

Tardiness is not an option. Inflammatory words might just get us all killed. This is the time that we should all learn the power of words in both written and spoken forms. A single word might usher one into the realm of stupidity under the guise of bravery.

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