“Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” so said the great Martin Luther King Jr. History is replete with validation of this bitter truth. Giving an old man who probably does not know how a computer works the reigns to a new and highly technical ministry is only one such example. Likewise, handing over the keys of the nation’s coffers to a man who does not know how to add up traffic spot fines is another apt illustration.

Ignorance in itself stems from pride. Even our Lord said, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” in Hosea 4:6 and “He shall come upon everything proud and lofty, upon everything lifted up and it shall be brought low” in Isaiah 2:12. It then becomes a tragedy when we find a nation run by a man full of pride which he wields sincerely with ‘conscientious stupidity.’ Contemporary parallels can be drawn with North Korea where an ignorant people led by a proud despot sit on the brink of total destruction at the hands of another arrogant and ignorant emperor. In all cases it is the led who suffer most and Zimbabwe is no exception.

It is the habit of failed leaders to make grand gestures whose aim is always to divert the people’s attention from the reality than darkens the daily living of the ordinary citizen. It is of utmost importance that the citizen remains wary of illusory power plays that do not favour the fulfilment of their immediate needs as stipulated in their Constitution. Logic then dictates that any political move that runs contrary to the aims of the Constitution (those of prosperity and integrity) should be queried if not countered. By far the biggest shortcoming of the government of Zimbabwe, the Government being any incumbent cabinet since the ESAP era, is clearly the economy.

It goes without saying that the biggest concern for any State not actively involved in a war HAS to be the economy. In Zimbabwe this concern has been elevated to astronomical levels commensurate with the inflation rate that continues to rise despite almost all actions taken by the government since the 1990s. The question we have to ask ourselves is, ‘why the persistent failure?’. If a mathematical approach, borrowing from Actuarial Science, were to be employed to answer this fundamental question it can be deduced that there is only one constant factor in the fateful equation; the leader of the cabinet himself.

What makes the current government changes lethal is in their timing and motive. The purges and shifts come at a time when any sort of action or words are automatically interpreted as political rather than pragmatic. Zimbabwe history has a very clear trend in which the pre-election period is characterized by sensationalism and political expediency at the detriment of the effects the impulsive decisions have in the post-election period. I find it ironic that the same man who made the radical decision of sweeping away all debts owed to the municipalities (as Local Government Minister) at the eve of the last election has been made the head of a department that is of equal temporal concern at the eve of the upcoming elections. What if he makes another radical decision on the economy that will will please us now but will cost us dearly after the election just as we saw how devastating his last grand gesture has been on our town councils even up to now?



The definition of Zimbabwe is “dirty politics”. That is what we have been forced to be identified as by the constant heckling we perform in front of all the world to see. We might just be the reason why Big Brother Africa went out of business. Zimbabwe politics has become the new reality show in Africa. We give the impression that truth is strictly forbidden in Zimbabwe. Even the great orator Prof PLO Lumumba finds it difficult to properly articulate Zimbabwe politics. I find it curious that whenever he delivers his celebrated speeches he castigates other countries eloquently but when he gets to Zimbabwe he just laughs. Our politics is beyond words.

It is this disrespect for the power of words that has gotten our nation into this deep and murky rut. Hitler’s rise to power makes for an apt and overwhelmingly embarrassing example. About a decade ago I braved it out and started reading Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf. A decade later I am not yet done. The book reads too much like getting into the mind of a certain African president who shares the same moustache as the author of the said book. In this respect I find it repulsive and spine-chilling add to that the sense of deja vu and ultimately prophetic outlook of our own peril. Our very own Chief Orator rose to power in like manner but unlike his German counterpart who gave up on life while still young our demagogue just went on living and living and he is still living. What the world should realise is what they have on their screens is what Hitler would have been like if he had defied death.

In African culture the role of the father is to lead by example and only offering counsel when absolutely necessary. African fathers teaching by actions rather than by words. This moral sense has become subconscious as it has managed to survive the onslaught of foreign morality. That is how Zimbabwe’s politicians have learned to talk dirty and loud, it started at the very top. I find it ironic that the ‘royal’ family found it fit to read out in turn an obituary of a senior colleague seated right next to them. A few weeks later the offended meekly lets out what is supposed to be a ‘family secret’ at a rally as well. The two meet in public and have a nasty verbal fight with aggressive non-verbal communication in front of all the world to see.

This culture of fighting a lie with a lie will be our own undoing. It is this concern that favours the argument of totally removing ZANU-PF from all authority but then that has become futile as well. Mud-slinging has become the norm even in opposition politics. All this adds weight to my argument that what Zimbabwe needs is not just change of power but complete overhaul of all systems. We do not just need new people but we need new ways of thinking (not just ideas).


The shortest route to the bottom is down the seemingly exhilarating nail-biting precipitous downward spiral-corridor of arrogance. It forms only one of the triad of the dark kingdom’s gospel; pride of life (arrogance), lust of the eyes and lust of the flesh.

Arrogance sets in when humility gives way to the blind whims of power whose true source the beholder chooses to forsake. All power has one eternal source, the Creator of Life. When one starts to attribute their own power to themselves and not to the real source then what follows is a fast descent into the abyss where there is no light. We often see this in men of God who eventually deny having had their power thrust on them by God but instead start to preach that they “earned” their power. This deception also holds true in politics.

The Holy Bible is replete with stories of greater rulers or kings who fell away from the grace of God but still chose to rule nonetheless. King Saul is a very good example. God distanced Himself from Saul and instead anointed another king in his place even when the incumbent was still alive and still on the throne. Out of arrogance Saul decided to continue ruling even without the power of God behind him. What followed was a spectacular fall which was, as always is the case when this happens, extremely humiliating.

What evades the reasoning of politicians, especially despots, is that when God turns His back on you power automatically gets switched off and what remains is just the remnants of your former self. Power is not signing papers and giving orders. Power cannot be quantified by how many years you have had it or by the number of contenders you have disposed of. It is certainly not quantified by how many people shower praises upon you. I wish to point out that the act of showering praises on someone is equivalent to worshiping them. We have had a front-row view of this spectacle in Zimbabwe where we have seen ZANU-PF cadres tripping over themselves to worship (through blasphemy) their king Nebuchadnezzar.

How then do we know where the true power lies in our society? The answer is very simple and it also takes humility to accept it. All we have to do is identify those in our society who hear directly from God (the prophets of the land) and ask them what God is saying about the land. We have seen this repeatedly happening in the Bible and we have recently also seen it re-emerging in the USA where President Trump has reverted to the principles of the American Founding Fathers who always had spiritual counsel close to them. It is extremely unfortunate that our king, President Mugabe, has decided to shun this noble route. If he were to consult his spiritual advisers or the true prophets of the lands he would most certainly be told that there is a real reason why there is no contention to the throne. It is not because of the people because it was not the people who put him where he is. It is because God has been allowing him to stay where he is. That is the question he should be asking God not people.



Words are stubborn. They have a tendency of not going away. Every time I see the word DOCTOR attached before Grace Mugabe’s name having exactly the same spelling as the prefix to my own name I am filled with revulsion especially considering that the same man who conferred her with that title also happened to confer me with the same title on the very same day…..Friday the 12th of September 2014.

On that day Zimbabwe’s academia and politics celebrated the birth of an offspring consummated under the deep covers of the sheets. Grace Mugabe received the Judas kiss and was awarded with 30 pieces of silver with the seal Doctor of Philosophy. Joyce Mujuru received the same kiss and also got her own seal. History has since proven that instead of 30 pieces of silver her gift was 40 lashes. Lazarus Dokora got his Doctor of Philosophy seal. Nelson Chamisa received a handshake and Bachelor of Laws Degree. I was of course ignored and begrudgingly handed my divorce papers; my Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees.

I remember the day vividly. It was blazing hot and in customary guerilla style the graduating povo were obediently seated in the full glare of the sun while the inferring chefs walked, talked and laughed their way through the comforting recessesses of the VIP tents. We were all totally surprised to see Grace Mugabe and Joyce Mujuru seated next to the Chancellor in full academic regalia. I remember thinking, “The king and his two queens.” At that point I was not aware that in that tent was sitting the false prophet who has been going after our children’s souls.

I have kept several copies of the Graduation ceremony booklet because I am convinced they are going to prove to be very valuable in the future. It is hard proof of a unique historical day that only a few people alive were privileged to have witnessed. The document is also a definitive DNA proof that power can be sexually transmitted.

How exactly did Grace get her PhD? Let us get down to the basics. Most people do not know that what we actually call the “Graduation Day” at the University of Zimbabwe is purely ceremonial. The actual graduation, that is earning the degree, would have happened months before that. This means that at UZ even graduating is a process. The institution is designed in such a way that you should not feel any form of pleasure while learning. It is old school. Everyone who has learnt at the University of Zimbabwe will tell you that earning a UZ degree is almost equivalent to going through a baptism by fire. The University always seems to find some ingenious way of getting under your skin and it is precisely because of this shared pain that one can easily detect a fake graduate. We can just tell. We can smell it. This simple aura was absent from her presence at our sacred ceremony.

I might not have the evidence but I have a theory, a very simple one. Grace Mugabe was intimidated by Joyce Mujuru so she had to copy and counter everything. It’s that simple. Grace Mugabe wanted what Joyce Mujuru had but she was not willing to work hard for it. It is a classical case of good vs evil.

She probably heard that Joyce was “busy running around the country talking to people and writing things down.” Being the simple-minded person she is her first question was, “Who is she talking to?”. She was told that Joyce seemed to be doing some sort of research. “Research?!!! That’s a lie. Joyce is asking people to sign things to get rid of me” is the narcissistic and shallow argument I think was ringing in her mind. Only a few weeks before ‘Graduation’ she finally realises that Joyce was actually studying for a PhD all along so she panics and holds a family meeting. They sit on the family table and Chatunga, high as a kite on drugs, makes a suggestion that pleases his simple-minded mother – “Momz why don’t you get into your office, read the birth certificates of all the orphans in your children’s home and ask daddy to write something smart for you.” In two short weeks a dissertation was compiled, written, reviewed, peer-reviewed, published, defended in front of a panel of professors and passed through to the Chancellor. The Chancellor holds a viva voce and examines the PhD student. For lack of better space they hold the viva in the bedroom. The student answers the questions in kind and the Chancellor stops talking. Love is made. A degree is conceived and on Friday the 12th of September 2014 I was forced to clap hands as that bastard child was delivered.

Like I said I was not there…..

Zimbabwe Must Wake Up: SENTIMENTALITY has failed. It’s time for PRAGMATISM.

This country has always been governed by emotions rather than practicality. Both civil wars (the First and Second Chimurenga) were triggered by sensationalism over the land issue. The reality was that those who fought for the land did not know how to exploit it. The dilapidation of once productive farms we have seen since the land invasion validates this point.

It is rather unfortunate that greedy, selfish and ambitious politicians have time and time again vandalized this emotive vulnerability. They promise to give land to the masses but they loot all the best land and plunder it right in front of the electorate. It baffles the mind that Zimbabwean voters have continued to be this gullible to the extent of regressing to pre-colonial politico-religious beliefs of a sacred land run by the wise and old till their death. This is a dangerous precedence.

What Zimbabweans seem to forget is that religion has always been and will continue to be the most powerful political force in this country. The First Chimurenga was started and led by spirit mediums. Similarly the Second Chimurenga was largely propelled by a baseline belief in supernatural backing in the form of Nehanda Nyakasikana, one of the spiritual mediums who led the Shona people south of the continent from the kingdom of Ethiopia. Most people do not even have a modicum of comprehension of the later fact.

Religious influence in Zimbabwean politics somewhat died out with the exit of the first President of Zimbabwe, the Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana. From then on Mugabe shifted to the stirring of people’s emotions with his oratory on “certain enemies who need to be kicked out.” The enemy has continued to change since independence from the British capitalists. First it was the ‘Ndebele dissidents’, then it was the Commonwealth, the West, the ‘traitors’ MDC and so on. Mugabe and his ZANU-PF cabal have now come to a point where they have run out of ‘enemies’. I am almost certain there is an adage out there which goes, ‘When hyenas run out of carcasses to eat they kill each other till only one remains.’ ZANU-PF cannot survive without fighting; it is in their DNA.

Since they have now seemingly run of prey to kill they have turned against each other. The hunter has become the hunted. The hunted however has made a fatal error: they thought they had totally destroyed opposition politics and quickly returned to their own squabbles without bothering to check whether the enemy was truly dead and buried. Their blow was powerful but only maimed the prey not kill them. Over the past four years the opposition has silently re-grouped and re-strategized and is now reasonably prepared for an all out war.

Only one presidential candidate was needed and they now have him. The most powerful arm of the electorate, the war veterans, have seen the light and are ready to talk business. The largest group of the electorate, the youth, are all riled up thanks to Pastor Evan Mawarire who played to the tune of the well-tested fallacy of sentimentality to effect political change. It appears almost all conditions are now conducive for true democratic change. All the fuss about voter registration and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) is just an issue of technicality. It represents a welcome shift in Zimbabwe politics. A transformation from putting emotions first to relying on good old facts as the dictum of governance.

The sheer number of opposition political parties which are converging to put practical matters over and above matters of self-interest and sensationalism gives credence to the preparedness of Zimbabwe for authentic democracy. Communism is on its way out.

ZIMBABWE Millennials have been betrayed by Rhodesian black youth

If one were to start from the assumption that the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe is as dire as the environment in Second Chimurenga Rhodesia it becomes easier to compare and comprehend the virtues and strengths of the hugely disadvantaged black Rhodesians in the 70’s as compared to the equally disadvantaged youths living in modern Zimbabwe. The youth of the former have become the fathers and mothers of the youth of the latter. It is natural for parents to compare their own youth with that of their children and at some point the children will also compare their young selves with their parents’ younger selves.

A convincing argument can be made that the odds the modern day parents had to fight against in their younger selves (70’s teens and young adults) are far much fewer than the hurdles of the present day teen and young adult. In the 1970’s there was a clearer political objective; defeat the whites. In the 2010’s the political objectives are more confusing and outright psychotic; the enemy has no direction. The pre-independence economy was far much more stable and comfortable than the 21st Century Zimbabwe economy. They were even more jobs per capita in Rhodesia than they are in black Zimbabwe. In hindsight, considering all the above, it seems the 70’s youths (who are now the millennials’ parents) were spoiled as compared to their children. They had the chance to succeed if only they worked hard enough. Today’s youths do not have that pleasure. Even if they work hard they will not succeed. There is no hope for their future because the older generations have stolen their past.

A plea from the 70’s youth can be tabled to the effect that they had to fight very hard to gain their independence and today’s youth should do the same if they are also to attain their own independence. Of course this is a credible argument but it is insufficient to offer a solution to a problem without working out the formula. In fact the formula to be employed in solving the myriad perils bedevilling the contemporary youths can never be the same as that invoked in the form of a civil war. A civil war in modern Zimbabwe is not an option. Not even close.

Young Zimbabweans crawling in the dusty streets of the ghettos do not have any other choice but to run away from the fight. Their only source of solace is in the arms of foreign aides since their own kith and kin have taken up arms and tortured democracy into submission. They have been silenced even before they speak. They have been made the enemy by their own parents. No heritage has been set aside for them. Everything has been plundered by those who have unilaterally assumed the throne of ¬†‘custodians of Zimbabwe’ and protectors of the land. Where then can their drive and hope come from? They were born with nothing and do not even know what they do not have. There is no hope for them because they were and will continue to be betrayed by those to took arms and never let those guns go.

WHY MUGABE WILL WIN IN 2018: A Prophecy by History.

At the base of the continent of Africa is a little tea pot-shaped country that goes by the name Zimbabwe. She was born on a Friday, the exact date being the 18th day of the month of April approximately three decades ago, in the year 1980. The same geographical tract of land was previously known as Rhodesia, a country run by imperialistic and racist Caucasians who broke away from Great Britain in 1965 after unilaterally declaring independence from the clutches of the Queen of England. Zimbabwe’s independence (the second independence of 1980) brought to a halt a protracted war between the white Rhodesians and the black guerillas. A ceasefire was agreed upon by both parties and an election was called for and conducted with Robert Gabriel Mugabe emerging as the outright winner to assume the office of Prime Minister.

What eludes the minds of many is that Mugabe was not the first president of Zimbabwe. It was a homosexual clergyman by the name of the Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana whose only memorable act was to introduce Zimbabweans to the world of alternative lifestyle. Naturally this was his downfall. Prime Minister Mugabe, who was in reality the true ruler, exposed Banana’s closet sexual deviations until the latter was officially thrown out through the¬†State House window on the 31st of December 1987. While Mugabe was busy shooting down the President, a civil war was raging on in the south-western provinces of the young nation. This dichotomy of attack revealed Mugabe’s true nature; that of a man hell-bent on assuming power at all costs. The world largely ignored these early acts of truancy since they were still mesmerized by the erudition of the relatively young demagogue. The Queen of England even went as far as calling him a fine African gentleman! Perhaps she was right. A gentleman can still be a despot as much as a wolf can be considered as a type of dog.

The end of 1987 ushered in the black version of Dr Frankenstein’s monster. Unlike the literary monster who had no name, this black monster had a name; ZANU-PF, with Mugabe being Dr Frankenstein of course. 1987 was the year that Mugabe finally got what he had been fighting for since the 60’s – absolute power. The ceremonial President was deposed of with the help of the Intelligence Organisation, the only serious contender to the throne – Dr Joshua Nkomo (leader of the equally powerful ZAPU) – was forcibly assimilated into the communist matrix with the help of the Fifth Brigade and a one-party state was enforced on the 22nd of December 1987. The golden rule of Zimbabwean politics was written in stone on that day; if you dare touch Mugabe’s iron fist you’ll be crushed to death. A long list of names can be drawn from the pages of history of people who lost their lives for breaking this golden rule.

A brief perusal of the course of elections held in this tiny country right from its inception till date reveals a very consistent pattern which everyone can see but none can correct – the trail of violence. The man himself confirmed this at the turn of the millennium when he boasted that he had a PhD in Violence. All elections from 1980 right up to 2013 have been a farce. The people of Zimbabwe have never had a ‘free and fair’ election which is exactly how Mugabe wants it. He has always fed on fear and worship like a mythical Greek god. That is how he got to be where he is and that is also the reason why he can never be dethroned by anything less than a revolution. He actually has a lot of people who love him and worship him as much as he has people who hate him and fear him. All these people vote for him despite the reasons being disparate; whether it is out of fear or out of love and everything in between he will always win any election.

Can he be removed then? Most certainly!! The answer is very clear and even he has given us the answer over and over and over again. Only the people can remove him. This is where the problem lies. Who exactly are these ‘people’? They are not the voters of course because their vote have never amounted to anything. The ‘people’ are those who are ready to die for a cause. Those are the only ‘people’ Mugabe respects and fears – warriors. This explains why every dissenting voice is crushed even before they say what they are thinking. He knows what it takes to unite a people for a common cause. After all that is how he rose to power. Until these warriors organise themselves into a ‘people’ Mugabe will always be Mugabe. The 2018 elections are no different; there are no ‘people’ who are loud enough for his senile ears to hear and with the look of things none will follow.



A coalition of all opposition parties in Zimbabwe is as utopian as a nonagenarian winning an election to rule a country he has personally destroyed. Zimbabwe has over the years evolved into a nation of ‘shocks’. A nation that is always writing on the pages of world history. Mugabe and ZANU-PF have consistently resembled Hitler and the Nazi Party. A detailed comparison of the two regimes is so elaborate it qualifies as a thesis for a manual on how NOT to run a country.

Mugabe has from the outset been aggressive in his rhetoric and resolve. He has ploughed himself into power all the while digging deeper to cement his roots. ZANU-PF has become a huge baobab tree whose roots and trunk will take a long and hard fight to destroy. This is where Tsvangirai comes in.

The man is an icon who has been chipping away at the giant tree long before people even realised the tree had to be cut. He started his journey in the late 80’s and has never looked back. None of the opposition party leaders come even close in political endurance and tenacity. He has been tried and tested. He has been consistent and resolute. His moral integrity has matured as the nation’s rot has also matured. Chematama has evolved into Save. The man who was full of energy has become the political sage oozing wisdom.

Joice Mujuru, the other likely coalition leader, does not even come close to her ally’s resume. She falls short on so many yardsticks of a democratic leader to the effect that she cannot be trusted. Every Zimbabwean citizen has put up a brave but silent fight over the hard years and it is only natural that we make the imminent transition led by a leader we trust and respect.

The 2018 elections are as crucial as the 2008 elections. The atmosphere is the same, the abundance of hope is similar and even the confusion can be paralleled. Next year’s harmonised elections are as unique an opportunity for a revolution as those we won ,exact to the date, a decade ago. It will take an exception leader to lead this monumental task and Tsvangirai’s resume is the only one that makes him worth hiring.


Things are not looking too good in the ZANU-PF camp. Their leader continues to be subdued by the burden of the dour judge called TIME as evidenced by his prolonged naps and shortening speeches. As Zimbabweans we were used to the flurry that accompanied the demagogue’s state of the nation address. It used to be that chilling day when all radio stations and ZBCtv would resonate with the orator’s voice, a man whose syntax and articulation mesmerized both friends and foes. We were treated to a minimum of 2 hours of the Mugabe show. Apparently those days are gone; this year we were given sour grapes; a 23 minute speech that lacked the inspiration and wit of the once great man. It is fast becoming a public secret that our president is a tired man. I have always said I feel pity for the man. He really needs a rest.

As if that was not enough a bald (not bold as he wants to call himself) minister who has no clue how to do his job gives us an oration whose quality was in the regimen of the ramblings of the local tavern drunkard. Chinamasa needs to get off the bottle.

ZANU-PF is in serious trouble. Their weaknesses (which they used to cover very well) are getting exposed like a perfectly timed flow of dominoes. Parliament is smelling really bad; too many old hacks sleeping and farting.

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