Zimbabwe Must Wake Up: SENTIMENTALITY has failed. It’s time for PRAGMATISM.

This country has always been governed by emotions rather than practicality. Both civil wars (the First and Second Chimurenga) were triggered by sensationalism over the land issue. The reality was that those who fought for the land did not know how to exploit it. The dilapidation of once productive farms we have seen since the... Continue Reading →


Born on the 21st of February 1924 Robert Gabriel Mugabe's life before his return from Ghana  in May 1960 at the age of 36 remains largely unknown. What is known about these first 36 years of his life is largely derived from interviews with the few people who knew him before he became a public figure.... Continue Reading →


Academic, political analyst and businessman Dr Ibbo Mandaza at the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition conference said there is need of a youthful party composed of technocrats to resuscitate the country. He has also been one of the staunch proponents of a transition committee which resuscitates the economy and prepares for free and fair elections.I agree with... Continue Reading →

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