ZIMBABWE Millennials have been betrayed by Rhodesian black youth

If one were to start from the assumption that the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe is as dire as the environment in Second Chimurenga Rhodesia it becomes easier to compare and comprehend the virtues and strengths of the hugely disadvantaged black Rhodesians in the 70’s as compared to the equally disadvantaged youths living in modern Zimbabwe. The youth of the former have become the fathers and mothers of the youth of the latter. It is natural for parents to compare their own youth with that of their children and at some point the children will also compare their young selves with their parents’ younger selves.

A convincing argument can be made that the odds the modern day parents had to fight against in their younger selves (70’s teens and young adults) are far much fewer than the hurdles of the present day teen and young adult. In the 1970’s there was a clearer political objective; defeat the whites. In the 2010’s the political objectives are more confusing and outright psychotic; the enemy has no direction. The pre-independence economy was far much more stable and comfortable than the 21st Century Zimbabwe economy. They were even more jobs per capita in Rhodesia than they are in black Zimbabwe. In hindsight, considering all the above, it seems the 70’s youths (who are now the millennials’ parents) were spoiled as compared to their children. They had the chance to succeed if only they worked hard enough. Today’s youths do not have that pleasure. Even if they work hard they will not succeed. There is no hope for their future because the older generations have stolen their past.

A plea from the 70’s youth can be tabled to the effect that they had to fight very hard to gain their independence and today’s youth should do the same if they are also to attain their own independence. Of course this is a credible argument but it is insufficient to offer a solution to a problem without working out the formula. In fact the formula to be employed in solving the myriad perils bedevilling the contemporary youths can never be the same as that invoked in the form of a civil war. A civil war in modern Zimbabwe is not an option. Not even close.

Young Zimbabweans crawling in the dusty streets of the ghettos do not have any other choice but to run away from the fight. Their only source of solace is in the arms of foreign aides since their own kith and kin have taken up arms and tortured democracy into submission. They have been silenced even before they speak. They have been made the enemy by their own parents. No heritage has been set aside for them. Everything has been plundered by those who have unilaterally assumed the throne of  ‘custodians of Zimbabwe’ and protectors of the land. Where then can their drive and hope come from? They were born with nothing and do not even know what they do not have. There is no hope for them because they were and will continue to be betrayed by those to took arms and never let those guns go.


WHY MUGABE WILL WIN IN 2018: A Prophecy by History.

At the base of the continent of Africa is a little tea pot-shaped country that goes by the name Zimbabwe. She was born on a Friday, the exact date being the 18th day of the month of April approximately three decades ago, in the year 1980. The same geographical tract of land was previously known as Rhodesia, a country run by imperialistic and racist Caucasians who broke away from Great Britain in 1965 after unilaterally declaring independence from the clutches of the Queen of England. Zimbabwe’s independence (the second independence of 1980) brought to a halt a protracted war between the white Rhodesians and the black guerillas. A ceasefire was agreed upon by both parties and an election was called for and conducted with Robert Gabriel Mugabe emerging as the outright winner to assume the office of Prime Minister.

What eludes the minds of many is that Mugabe was not the first president of Zimbabwe. It was a homosexual clergyman by the name of the Reverend Canaan Sodindo Banana whose only memorable act was to introduce Zimbabweans to the world of alternative lifestyle. Naturally this was his downfall. Prime Minister Mugabe, who was in reality the true ruler, exposed Banana’s closet sexual deviations until the latter was officially thrown out through the State House window on the 31st of December 1987. While Mugabe was busy shooting down the President, a civil war was raging on in the south-western provinces of the young nation. This dichotomy of attack revealed Mugabe’s true nature; that of a man hell-bent on assuming power at all costs. The world largely ignored these early acts of truancy since they were still mesmerized by the erudition of the relatively young demagogue. The Queen of England even went as far as calling him a fine African gentleman! Perhaps she was right. A gentleman can still be a despot as much as a wolf can be considered as a type of dog.

The end of 1987 ushered in the black version of Dr Frankenstein’s monster. Unlike the literary monster who had no name, this black monster had a name; ZANU-PF, with Mugabe being Dr Frankenstein of course. 1987 was the year that Mugabe finally got what he had been fighting for since the 60’s – absolute power. The ceremonial President was deposed of with the help of the Intelligence Organisation, the only serious contender to the throne – Dr Joshua Nkomo (leader of the equally powerful ZAPU) – was forcibly assimilated into the communist matrix with the help of the Fifth Brigade and a one-party state was enforced on the 22nd of December 1987. The golden rule of Zimbabwean politics was written in stone on that day; if you dare touch Mugabe’s iron fist you’ll be crushed to death. A long list of names can be drawn from the pages of history of people who lost their lives for breaking this golden rule.

A brief perusal of the course of elections held in this tiny country right from its inception till date reveals a very consistent pattern which everyone can see but none can correct – the trail of violence. The man himself confirmed this at the turn of the millennium when he boasted that he had a PhD in Violence. All elections from 1980 right up to 2013 have been a farce. The people of Zimbabwe have never had a ‘free and fair’ election which is exactly how Mugabe wants it. He has always fed on fear and worship like a mythical Greek god. That is how he got to be where he is and that is also the reason why he can never be dethroned by anything less than a revolution. He actually has a lot of people who love him and worship him as much as he has people who hate him and fear him. All these people vote for him despite the reasons being disparate; whether it is out of fear or out of love and everything in between he will always win any election.

Can he be removed then? Most certainly!! The answer is very clear and even he has given us the answer over and over and over again. Only the people can remove him. This is where the problem lies. Who exactly are these ‘people’? They are not the voters of course because their vote have never amounted to anything. The ‘people’ are those who are ready to die for a cause. Those are the only ‘people’ Mugabe respects and fears – warriors. This explains why every dissenting voice is crushed even before they say what they are thinking. He knows what it takes to unite a people for a common cause. After all that is how he rose to power. Until these warriors organise themselves into a ‘people’ Mugabe will always be Mugabe. The 2018 elections are no different; there are no ‘people’ who are loud enough for his senile ears to hear and with the look of things none will follow.



A coalition of all opposition parties in Zimbabwe is as utopian as a nonagenarian winning an election to rule a country he has personally destroyed. Zimbabwe has over the years evolved into a nation of ‘shocks’. A nation that is always writing on the pages of world history. Mugabe and ZANU-PF have consistently resembled Hitler and the Nazi Party. A detailed comparison of the two regimes is so elaborate it qualifies as a thesis for a manual on how NOT to run a country.

Mugabe has from the outset been aggressive in his rhetoric and resolve. He has ploughed himself into power all the while digging deeper to cement his roots. ZANU-PF has become a huge baobab tree whose roots and trunk will take a long and hard fight to destroy. This is where Tsvangirai comes in.

The man is an icon who has been chipping away at the giant tree long before people even realised the tree had to be cut. He started his journey in the late 80’s and has never looked back. None of the opposition party leaders come even close in political endurance and tenacity. He has been tried and tested. He has been consistent and resolute. His moral integrity has matured as the nation’s rot has also matured. Chematama has evolved into Save. The man who was full of energy has become the political sage oozing wisdom.

Joice Mujuru, the other likely coalition leader, does not even come close to her ally’s resume. She falls short on so many yardsticks of a democratic leader to the effect that she cannot be trusted. Every Zimbabwean citizen has put up a brave but silent fight over the hard years and it is only natural that we make the imminent transition led by a leader we trust and respect.

The 2018 elections are as crucial as the 2008 elections. The atmosphere is the same, the abundance of hope is similar and even the confusion can be paralleled. Next year’s harmonised elections are as unique an opportunity for a revolution as those we won ,exact to the date, a decade ago. It will take an exception leader to lead this monumental task and Tsvangirai’s resume is the only one that makes him worth hiring.


Long before Big Brother UK, Big Brother Africa, Big Brother here and Big Bother there ever graced (or disgraced…either one applies) our television screens with a revolutionary reality TV concept, Big Brother was in actual fact created in 1949. He (Big Brother of course) was conceived when Eric Arthur Blair (GEORGE ORWELL) had a fling with his typewriter and gave birth to a beautiful piece of literature christened ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’.

Big Brother depicted in the novel has eerily similar traits with a modern day dictator. Orwell’s Big Brother controlled every aspect of one’s life especially of members of ‘the Party’. He rose to power through a coup (called ‘the Revolution’) and assassinated all his comrades who also had claim to the throne. He pretty much ignored those who were not members of the Party (‘the proles’) who also happened to constitute the greater majority of his country’s population. Big Brother saw everything, listened to everything and controlled every aspect of member’s life. All crimes were punishable by death and even the word “crime” was controlled. Love, free speech, clothes other than blue overalls and even orgasms were punishable by hanging in the public square as entertainment for kids.

It has long been speculated that Orwell’s portrayal of his Big Brother was heavily borrowed from Adolf Hitler’s persona. Mugabe obviously resembles the Big Brother in George Orwells novel as much as he compares well with the modern day Big Brother and the author of Mein Kempf.

Mein Kempf and Mugabe….I will review that soon.


It was with absolute shock and disdain that I learnt that wild animals are being exported to China from Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park if the report in The Times is to be believed. A combination of the dependability of the esteemed newspaper and the plausibility of the portrayal of the Zimbabwean ruling elite as a cabal of selfish and myopic individuals persuades me to unreservedly believe the story in the greater chunk of its entirety. It is reported that 35 elephant calves, 8 lions, 12 hyenas and 1 giraffe were ferried from the named Zimbabwe game reserve to Chimelong Safari Park in China’s Guangzhou province. The author of the article rightly inferred that this monumental exodus was inspired by the murky rationale of involvement in ivory farming by the first family to pay for military uniforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Grace Mugabe’s name has been specifically identified as the chief architect of this deal. This alone raises a lot of questions but I will not bother to expand the intricacies of the demerits of the deal. It is on record that Grace Mugabe is corrupt and downright dumb. Paying a debt to the DRC through the sale of a nation’s heritage for personal aggrandizement is the hallmark of the first family’s grandiosity and nearsightedness. Which debt are they paying for? Why not sell their own cattle and oranges to pay for their obviously personal debt?

The fact that a nation’s wildlife belongs to the people and not to the state is non-existent in their consciousness. If these animals belong in China then why does the country not have their own elephants, lions, hyenas and giraffes.  Both Darwin and God agree that animals are where they are because that is where they are supposed to be. Who then is Grace Mugabe to change these fundamental laws of nature?

The argument of leaving nature alone supersedes any justification for transportation of wild animals from any part of the world’s remaining ideal wildlife to a human-made conclave. The only time that has been sanctioned was millennia ago when Noah offered refuge to all the animals on earth in his ark. Since then nature has not sanctioned such a radical move so why are people defying the laws of nature? Those wild animals belong in the Zimbabwe wild. Who has the authority to act contrary to these basic biological laws? Only the selfish and the stupid. Enough said; the writing is on the wall.




Many among my readers do not even know WHAT a ‘Zimbabwean’ is let alone know WHO a ‘Zimbabwean’ is. The name denotes a nationality or citizenship of a little teapot-shaped country in the lower parts of the continent with the cursed name of ‘Africa’. Sometime in the recent past I swallowed a bitter truth that research consistently showed that more than 30% of the American pupils did not know that Africa was not a country but a continent. For the few learned ones of this broad group who dwell in the shrines of the  learned ones (the world of books) the country of Zimbabwe can at least be remembered as the last country in the alphabetical order of all demographic groups in the entire world who brave it to call themselves ‘nations’.

All accounts and analyses point to the mug-shot of a country with a dictatorial leader who pisses over the whole nation just as the despot kings of old massacred the peasantry in the dark ages. Without going into the economics, a conclusion can be reached through a transparent audit of the dismal state of the economy to the effect that the country is a failed state run by imbeciles and war-mongers who have total and demonic ignorance of how a nation is supposed to be run.The people in the high offices always turn up to work marveled by the ‘LUCK’ of having been appointed by the great leader himself into a leather-laden office in the nominal cabinet. The long and short of it is that Zimbabwe is a country on the continent called Africa in the Southern hemisphere of the planet called Earth. This particular country is led by an imperial king called Bob just as North Korea have their ‘self-omnipresent’ king called Kim. Mugabe has made a cesspit of the nation and the country continues to wither on in the harsh climate of Antarctic-cold politics that defy even the summer solstice of the little Sub-Saharan nation.

Zimbabweans are a peaceful (at worst cowardly) group of dark-colored individuals who know where they came from but do not care where they are going. History itself has betrayed them into thinking that war will always be the most loyal remembrance of their existence. Many died fighting for a black Commander-in-Chief but an equal number if not more of the survivors have lived to ask the infinite question of WHY that has continually been banished from all pursuits of an individual’s mind to state the obvious.Zimbabwe does not have a President, nay it has an absolute monarch called THE Mugabes. Every intellectual who is worth his word will testify to the fact that in the midst of all the chaos in the country a consistent pattern of conferring power from the king to the queen regardless of due inheritance of the subordinates (Mnangagwa has no blood-relational links to the Mugabe dynasty making him an outsider) the name Mugabe will forever prevail. The ‘queen’ said so herself a the national shrine for deceased heroes conveniently called the National Heroes Acre. She said, “Mugabe will continue to rule even from his grave.” At face value this might be taken to mean that Grace is a delusional schizophrenic harlot who wants to gain personal capital over the king himself just like the biblical harlot Jezebel.

It is absolutely impossible for one to express an innocent view of a typical family Christmas holiday without first venting their anger on why they got themselves in this hell-hoe in the first place. The president is always sound asleep everywhere he goes, his minions tear at each other like savages even in his presence, his illiterate wife continues to bitch around with an attitude of a Hollywood diva, all his new friends in his own country are his grandchildren and still millions wonder why their Christmas seems to be more of a burden than a celebration in comparison to the stories they are told of life on the other side by their fortunate relatives who  ‘made it out’. Life on the other side is largely devoid of common-place nuisances such as power cuts, water disconnection, inaccessibility to one’s own money, fear of seeing a reflector vest of any kind and other nuances that pretty much everyone else take for granted – hence being called ‘human rights’.

In earnest truth Christmas for a Zimbabweans depends on where you spend it. Christmas for Zimbabweans abroad is definitely a MERRY CHRISTMAS indeed but Christmas IN Zimbabwe is just another Christmas whose appointed time on the Roman calendar happens to fall on the 25th of December.





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